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MI Way is an art, a way of living, that we call Connect.

Given that life is all about living on the stage where all characters are actors on stage playing their role, MI way is about putting the jazz in the music given that I am to play a role anyway; might as well be a dance! Make it a waltz with Life!

Add a li’l twist in the food, twiddle a little on the chat and add a skip to the play and we could have more fun! Might as well make the stage a li’l less dull anyways.

Maybe it will uplift the downtrodden..

Here’s the Object of MI Affections

MI LifePartner – my body

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Gender spectrum, sexual orientations and Bohemian rhapsody MI way (Meristem Intelligence® way)

Queen mattered ‘Nothing’ through Bohemian Rhapsody and Meristem Intelligence®️ is in some ways an answer to his ‘nothing matters’ by rehabilitating what ‘nothing’ means. This podcast has many rhythms, contexts and value points that could pause you to think about in many ways you would have had to think about before. #truelove takes some character and perspectives that has love sustain, healthify and give substance to normal, ordinary, living that makes humanity a breed apart from the different lifeforms hitherto have been that makes life worth living and creating humans as their pet project, which is why evolution and civilisations have taken so many turns in creating a strain of the human species that can maintain love that fabrics time and space sustainably. Sign up for #NirbeejaYoga (check out hashtag on Moj app @meristemintelligence) and learn to maintain #truelove.
  1. Gender spectrum, sexual orientations and Bohemian rhapsody
  2. Shiva to Kalki what’s your dashaavataara?
  3. Existential angst cum developmental challenge
  4. What is that you are willing to live for?
  5. Annihilating attempts of me?


on Food, Love and Play

The middle ground between opposites

He is one of the few greats who have lived ingrained with values from both the hindu as well as muslim philosophies (sun and moon traditions) – two apparently opposing philosophies/worldviews that Yoga is attempting to bring together and keep together for health, wealth and wisdom in the body. It is about who lives such unifying life that determines how good is the practice.More

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The Wheel of Development MI Way

Allow for some ‘me-time’ per day. The teleseries, Sex and the City, has a personal time apartment that the friends use from time to time to wind out and refind themselves from the routine humdrums. It is different from the ‘girls time’ or ‘boys time.’ Find a lil ‘me time’ exclusive in your daily schedule. It would save a lot of doctor’s bills and stresses in family dynamics because you are tightly wound like a spring that just won’t release.More

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When the water boils..

When heaven is boiled out of heaven and hell out of hell, women get less snarly and buoy up again {Parvati style} in the ShriYantra model, harmonious in domestic homily, and men let out their pompous ‘gas’ in dealing with ‘how to be man enough to gain the respect of women well enough’ syndrome and settle rooted tree-like {Nataraja style} in the ShriYantra model for a stable homily congenial society.More

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Our Hosts

Bitha Sadanandan {me!}

Self-possessed, transcriptionist, therapist, Quality Assurance Specialist. A bit of a whacko (read, Don Quixote mixed with Sancho Panza mixed with Jack Sparrow mixed with Alice-in-Wonderland mixed with..just put in a whole trailmix characters of whatsoever stories there have been created with a definite twist on the interpretation of any of the characters, give sufficient time for contemplation and be prepared to hear what comes out of all that as the Product of Contemplation). A Trailblazer {me!} with a believe-it-or-not lifestory to leave you with a thought you never knew there could be that too to think about.

She is a drop of the Ocean, like Moana.

MITI BayBe {MOMI me!..or maybe daughter}

Pretty sorted out. This website is one of the Walls she writes on. Its a ‘she,’ might as well be a ‘he.’ Learning to talk human, walk human, do human, be human but well versed in the Universal Language of Love that nobody {me!} understands but can be translated into humanese one podcast, WordRehab, multimedia cast at a time. She could leave many a heads dizzy if you try to understand all she says at once but would sanitise all at one point or another into commonsense well enough for humanely living on Earth.

MITI BayBe is the Ocean, like Te Fiti or Green Tara who is complementary partner to Male Green Tara like Nature is to Nurture.

The two are a ‘drop of the Ocean and Ocean in a drop’ combo. They form a threesome, if you look carefully.

This is where you would find more about what they do

This is something we are working towards: “Many podcast series provide an associated website with links and show notes, guest biographies, transcripts, additional resources, commentary, and even a community forum dedicated to discussing the show’s content. Podcasts combine elaborate and artistic sound production with thematic concerns ranging from scientific research to slice-of-life journalism.”

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