Milk of human kindness – the ‘woman’ within


Samudra manthan is the churn within between Order {sur} and Chaos {asur}. There is no shortcut to any place worth going. Samudra manthan is a symbolic representation of what it takes to become a humane being, and it is in the capacity of everyone because it is what happens when we churn in our cares in the right spirit where we do not think anything is outside our ambit of care but at the same time have distinct awareness of placement of what is in the schema of things without exclusion of any, and where our ego is what needs to rain and distil between heaven and hell and become fine essential clear water while having a fine sense of balance between opposites without getting lost in sukha or dukha, in equanimity. Such a presence is also what engenders Parvathi or salvator mundi woman within to detoxify in conjunction with the matter that which threatens the test of time. This is ordinary love, actually, or the sacred flame of madness that makes everything better, beautifuller, sacred.