Paarvathi – the saviour within


Paarvathi – paar lagane waali. We revere the names of goddesses but take little time to notice what the names actually mean, just like we hardlytake the time to notice the various meanings of our own names and of people around us. Masculine and Feminine as prakruthi and purush is present in each of us. The whole epic dramas and mythology is representative of what is happening within us and guides us to what it should be, could be, when we appropriately interpret the encrypted meanings in layers of higher degrees of encryption that is in Implicit Order that is sanatana dharma. Just about all inventions around us are nature-inspired, you see? Technology is an attempt by the human race to put to use what the Universe has been running the show with, that is when we are smart enough to acknowledge who the Teacher is and Work with the Teacher in a microcosm to macrocosm God-loving respectful, honourable, dignifiable relationship. It is when we, each, as individual and collective come to this unbroken chain of continuity that we have truly healed from the effects of corona. When do you think corona began?