I thought I was one of a kind – the only one of a kind, like they either stopped making my kind or I am presently the only one of my kind – until I met someone as odd as for me to think ‘my kind.’ I got so much work to do that priorities get set and then life only needs be lived along tracks best suited to one’s lifestyle by one’s own determination. Until such time, a person is yet to have a mind of one’s own by which to stand by and make life work in having a Working Life that produces products of Love. A soulmate- a person whom we resonate our soul with- is not possible until we have arrived at our own version in this lifetime as a continuum of our soul’s lifetime in this lifetime as the latest and best version hitherto lived coz else it is a derail waiting to happen. Choosing the right partner is also an SIP in self-development. It is an art at arriving at your own masterpiece that your life could become, should become, for a mindful conscientious life that our hearts beat into existence for.