We are, each, a value-space


IVI {Intrinsic Value of Individual} is the personal value implicit in a person, which can be enhanced by self-development. Self-maintenance is what it takes to maintain the developed IVI. People interact with us based on the value they receive in having life work for them the way they really yearn for. If you don’t like what is handed down to you, change what you are handing down to others; we only give what we have sufficiently of or have in abundance of, so look at what you have sufficiently of that others would be benefited from in having. Hand that down and then that starts a care-based value-chain that makes the world cleaner, carer and a better place to come home to live in than as something you want to be ‘liberated’ from or run away from. Clean up that personal muck and get comfortable in who you are and what you have. The world is opening up to business from what you have that can never really become less of because you have so much of it you can make more!