Kundalini and crap


Babies are so proud of the crap they produce; that is their original produce, you know, made from the application of their whole body and being! Kundalini, I think, is the inner baby experiencer sitting deep inside where no one can see and listening and paying attention to what’s going on. The crap you produce is also that of the kundalini. When you begin to pay attention to the silent experiencer within and nourishing and nurturing her/him with good appropriate food that he/she wants to appropriate grow, that’s when the little one within is growing and awakening from within, and as Krishna danced on the snakes head from the deep murky lake, the lotus emerges from the murky whatnots that’s may have been past experiences of living and then History moves onward for the better. You start producing better crap because what you put into your body and mind is better. Medicine for Earth by the light bioluminescence within that comes alive and shows the way onward. Now that’s Diwali led on by the flame of love/truth within.