Diya – the yellow light between white and black


The candle light or diya flame is a yellow light, which is a frequency of colour that is between white and black where the rainbow VIBGYOR is in between with all colours explicit in white and all colours implicit in black. I think there is an eight colour after Red that is a pinkish red from mixing more blue in red or deoxygenated blood from the feet veining up into the heart to get oxygenated and get red so that we live a rainbow-coloured life. The pinkish red colour is what I call as shwa or the breath before the mooladhara red inspiration to life begins as sa. Maintaining commonsense essentially involves keeping the sunny side up, I.e. the solar plexus well balanced between feet and head as black and white respectively so that the feet are on the commonground of Earth and head in the clouds so that we periodically rain the wisdom gained from contemplating what needs to be contemplated upon and live peacefully on middle earth of our body with yellow light as the beautiful yellow flame of peaceful ordinary love keeps us aglow from within and light with the truth of who we are as the guide or guru within. Breathe, People. Breathe normally, ordinarily, but mindfully. Breath really bridges both worlds and eventually makes the body a safe place to live in.