Continuum of time


Infinite moment of the present is really all that we see and live in with ‘what is happening now’ being that which marks the movement in time, like the tides on the sands of the ocean depth; they sift the sands and contours the ocean floors so is a witness of how time moved on its surface by the fact of the ‘scars’ that the tides left on it’s face, but those scars do not define all that the Ocean is or what Earth is, or what Life is. Knowing this as the tides in the mind, where the body is the rocky earth corroded to sand upon which tides in the mind sift the experiences on its tissue surface as would water the sand of the beach, nothing as the unmoving clear surface within everything is a solace to live from, breathe from, rest from, as though a cushion in the middle of everywhere or anywhere. The restless rest-seeking tides can then, in such presence, find solace, discharge some of its baggage and move on less frenzied, and the Ocean gets calmer for such presence.