Sisu’s Gem decoded


In my opinion, Rajya and the Last Dragon is really Sisu’s story on how she found herself and her connections in Life, kinda like my idea of Terabithiya. The story doesn’t really end {or, should I say, begin} until Sisu and her family dragons and people are home in Kumandra, which is where the story begins; the story is in maintaining Kumandra, not in ‘putting Kumandra together’ (duh). Sisu had lost sight of that story when she went to sleep at the bottom of the river ‘after saving the world’ apparently. I had to learn it the hard way on where the story really is and what The Work really is; we are, each, born to do that really in our own capacities but I guess not many are talking about it that way, and I keep being the ‘oddball talking things no one is talking about’ until, of course, I find Disney World talking about it but then I seem to have to voice over and reinterpret the story for clarity and relevance. Great that they are doing all the hard work of representing the story in such care and concern it bridges so many levels of hearts in several age groups. Mr.Walt Disney set a good foundation template, I guess, for what the Enterprise is about {bless his kind Soul}. Thank you for listening. I hope this has been of value to you and your kind.