Trying out a dollop of an idea on a plain sheet of paper to start etching out lil ingredients from here and there to form a lil FFT (Food For Thought) can be quite an experience, especially if you don’t know what’s going to come out of the pen out of all the options there is to put on this blank piece of paper.

It is, of course, an art one can learn – to stare at a piece of plain paper and not have to think about what is gonna go onto it – through what I call ‘subconscious writing’ that I find is good to go beyond the ‘writer’s block.’ It is quite another for letting the colors off your mind’s canvas to sing a song in lyrics of its choice if so wish or to just let the paper decide, from its layout and visual side platter, to offer ‘in’spiration that scatters the ideules (tiny drops of possible ideas or inchoate ones) in your head, like dust would from a whump on a bed, allowing them to group and form in whatsoever patterns there could be from such unpremeditated scattering.

Appreciation becomes possible when ‘what is’ from all this is observed curiously, wonderingly, attentively for everything is saying something, if only we would listen. Maybe, then, another song, another hue, another dollop of ‘food’ gets fed into our listening-spaces tempered by the Known and Unknown as Nature and Nurture would as Subjective Mother and Objective Father Life.

Or maybe we discover ‘mother’ and ‘father’ in a new way, and consequently who ‘I am’ in a new way.

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