Wanna start decrusting from the cookie you or your life may have become over prolonged social distancing or lockdown or whatnots? Try unfamiliarizing MI way. A bit of a rebel..deviant, someone called it, but I like MI kind of deviant. With MI as your friend, you don’t need enemies {given how Paulo Coelho says “choose your enemies wisely” coz you become who you pay most attention to}..or with enemies like me, you don’t need a friend. Let’s kick some sand!

Oh! and if you really wanna do it MI Way, sign up for this one. It is going to make your creators and ancestors proud for having created you as you go along the trip of the Course one ponderable at a time. Be warned though, you are gonna have to come to the Questions over and over again coz each time, it is gonna be a new one. “You don’t step on the same piece of water twice” on a river..of Life, that is.

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