MITI BayBe learns to Sing!

Meet MITI BayBe – MI Logo-cum-Partner

Life has just so many gurgles. She is this river of life that flows at the bottom of everything that Mr.Wordsworth wrote aptly about as “Men may come and men may go but the Brooke goes on forever.”

Those gurgles translate to specific songs of lifebut, essentially, they are sounds of something life is attempting to tell us from far deep down, where we need to have ears fine enough to hear them.

The kundalini is a good representation as a sound but it also is the listener, as a snake would be with its body so close to earth and its rhythms, but what is earth without its water that replenishes and nourishes it from within and without. I think water got created from the love between matter and energy as nature and nurture that Earth is. Haven’t we heard, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”? In that book, the Authors says, Earth formed from Men and Women learning to keep it together, a la Ardhanareeswarar, such that heir wow’er gave rise to ganga as the elixir of life while sanitizng the lakes of water above and below that they call aakaashaganga and paathaalaganga. The samudra manthan is another pictorial representation of the same in more elaborate details.

The point is this – until you have moved through the developmental stages required to be a nonviolent, loving, dollop of water inseparate from your body as your LifePartner, you haven’t come to the whole pie of which you are just as much a part as the whole, and you don’t have what it takes to maintain such love ongoingly until you learn Nirbeeja Yoga®️ by which to wash away the sins from inadvertent friction with everything else. That’s also how to maintain #humanityacrossboundaries.

For those who it may not be already clear, it has taken scores of human cultures to be able to discover any inkling of what is called as ‘clear conscience,’ which is required to maintain such ‘immaculate love.’

We – MITI BayBe and I – are singing gurgles from this river of Life after having discovered sanatana dharma through reinventing the wheel and discovering what is missing because of which the whole machinery keeps going back every now and then, instead of moving forward in evolution into becoming humane beings, like our body is said to be designed for in the Book Of Genesis to maintain being in the Garden Of Eden.

Come join us on the stage below. You get to also create your own stage to start gyming your voice so you can speak ..or sing your truth with alacrity!

My stagename is SoundsOfLife/Nothing. Follow this link to download the app and find me: Just Follow my Profile and you will be notified when I go LIVE, which presently is twice a day – once in the morning at about 9:00 a.m. and once in the evening at about 8:00 p.m. for half an hour.

StarMaker: SoundsOfLife /Nothing

Come let’s sing!

I am singing my Life to me one breath at a time, one note at a time, one KISS at a time {KISS, by the way, is an acronym for ‘keep it simple stupid‘}. Whosoever said abusive language is exactly what they seem to be? Turn the table around and even a 6 looks like 9!

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