I came, I saw, I conquered

Veni, vidi, vici is a famous modus operandi ascribed to Alexander – the Great. It just means that he conquered all that he saw wherever he came to be, and he did not go anywhere everywhere but to those places that held significant wealth of the kind that appealed to his sensibilities.

I have a little world – I live in a tiny studio penthouse that couples up as office, activity centre, personal hibernation centre, observatory, home studio, laboratory, and a whole bunch of things best described as the ‘himalayas in the city’ that no one wants to be in coz its like the attic and basement of a long-forgotten home that I ‘rat’ in and out of discovering things about life and experiences of living that most people do not want to think about coz there are just so many other interesting things – shiny interesting things – to look and think about!

‘Rat’ing in and about my house, I discovered another thing worth sharing about – and it is something you want to hear more of – ‘humans only change what they can see and if it is something that rankles their eyes;’ in other words, you only conquer that which you see.

Many of us have attics and basements, and there would be oh! so precious treasures hidden within nooks and corners of those dusty or unfrequented spaces. We only ‘see’ them as treasures that suddenly was ‘where was this all my life’ thing WHEN you lay your eyes on it at a point in time WHEN such object is ‘shiny’ or ‘pop out’ eyecatchy bouncing off of a popular ‘trend’ in a current of thought that has suddenly become popular now – it just now ‘rankles’ in the eye, which otherwise would be not-worth-another-look thingy.

My house gets a cleanup in this ‘I came, I saw, I conquered’ fashion; that is, I clean where my eyes can see something as ‘moving’ enough to get me moving from ‘I saw’ to ‘I conquered’ of something dotting my living space’s ‘interior decoration’ into a better space. Otherwise, it is all ‘wallpaper’ or ‘scenery scaping’ furniture that informs me of the ‘season’ in my house. {I change my house’s ‘season’ every few weeks or months depending on when I get my personal makeover in a ‘reinvent myself’ metamorphosis of sorts; it keeps me from boring myself to death, and instead awakening me periodically into better life. I could not but have Founded Nirbeeja Yoga®️ with my reinvent-the-wheel at-it-tude. #DoTheRightThing has never been out of vogue!}

Some of us – people/persons – are like this ‘wallpaper’ or ‘furniture’ kinda people; not to worry if you are invisible right now coz the fashion changes every 6 months or 4 weeks or as soon as a new trend comes along that even you can start if you catch the winning streak that sways the crowd this season! Just do your thing and get so good at it that you become a universe that sets the pace for your’s and your enemy’s grandchildren to emulate and serve you for your birthday party with what you may care to hand around. I call it an at-it-tude that has you become that which you most often do.

I just chose to do the right thing, and I have become an instrument of love! And “everybody is lookin’ for somethin”..and that something turns out to be different produces from Love that they call ‘health, wealth and wisdom’! Happenstance? I just ‘happen’ to be doing the thing that most tics me about life? Maybe I was born with this thing poking at my insides until I did something about this thing so I can be comfortable enough to live a normal ordinary life, and it turned out that only the right things could remove the discomfort the way it needs to be. Also, that once I started doing the right things, more right things showed up as needing to be done and I kept getting better at doing the right things that it became a way of living that wise people called ‘goating the worthy mountains.’ In other words, “as I walked, the path appeared!” {I am thinking of Jesus walking as the Ocean opened up a path for him to walk, or Vasudev walking through the Ocean with baby Krishna on his head with Sheshnag protecting the baby from rain.}

I know it sounds cliche’d and archaic, but mine is a believe-it-or-not story with many a twist and interesting turns en route which I found words such as the above to dot the imaginoscape during a casual blog post to retain your attention long enough to read this, perhaps. {This whole paragraph is one sentence, and if you could maintain your attention long enough to understand the whole of it at one go, you got a good attention span and comprehension neuroplasticity!}

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