Versa wise

Translating a mashup of a Malayalam song that became the following verse as I saw the feather soft clouds in my morning sky that captured some SoundsOfSilence attempting to be heard but needed the ruse of a song to be said. A sample of Mookaambika raaga in a known raaga.

Stitching the feathers formed from the vapours
That give the mist and dewy landscapes,
Under the wishful tree under the kingdom of the skies,
Capturing the tunes of unsung songs
In the voice of searching winds,
From the bittersweet pain in the depth of depths
One day became the music that played through
The flute that’s my body

The point to be noted is the vapours are formed from my breath that emerges through the holes in my face, including but not limited to my eyes, that emerges sometimes as tears or mist that clouds my vision, and are all feathers from my experiences of living that are heard or unheard, seen or unseen, acknowledged or not.

Just another experience of living voiced out by me attempting to speak for the voiceless that’s in the River of Unmindfulness a.k.a kaalaapani or the dark ocean of unconsciousness whose other side is Turiya either sides from which emerges the self of a being in response to what is happening in the present moment.

I keep listening to the rhythms of life in my clinical facilitation of Meristem Intelligence®️, which is an advanced form of BCST. Hippocrates Oath and my natural womanly cares mandates that I take care of this sprawling ancestral bungalow with its vast gardens and games that is Earth so the family that once was together resolve their differences and take care of the Family as family is meant to be. Voicing out the SoundsOfSilences is important and necessary for this endeavour without which Communication For A Better World is having operational difficulties in birthing a newer way of interacting for a better economy that includes nonviolent communication and enables original humane societies in the land of the infinite moment of the present that MI world calls Terabithiya.

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