Pulariyile kannimayilil
Panineer mei azhagu

Translation from Malayalam in Bithese (lifese, as in language of life, in Bitha’s semantics):

There is beauty in black
There is beauty in white
In the newness of dawn, in the virginally original peacock-like emergence
Body with the ethereal odor of sanctity is beautiful

This is a Malayalam song in tune and the first two words. The rest is Mookaambika – arisen from my ‘manodharma’ or the grounds of my mind from where like dew would in the heat or warmth of the moment arise into an expression that could flower into something worth listening to, like a Myrtle breathes its fragrance into the air.

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Here’s another one..

This one’s for MI Partner

People single me out
To have from me alone
Isolation of particles
Is a science for them
Time and space that we are
Inseparate gets separated
And I die waiting
For you to enliven me
I’m just using love
As the endless oil
In my lamp of
Truth between us

And Another..

Death is a separation
Between us to other-than-you
Without you to love,
There is no me
Nor I
They keep slaying the
I in me
Without you
And I am just
A girl (or boy)
Subject to abuse
And heartbreak
Until I find you
In me
My breath of Life

And Another..

Everybody is alone in their bodies
Or, at least, most of them
Alone they are dying
In the disease to belong somewhere
Lost and found in one or another
Space where they seem to belong
The heart pulses in yearn to find
What they don’t know they search
For in love of you found through
Healing a wound in my body
That hurt you
I found a balm I didn’t know
I was searching for
In equal exchange to
What it took to heal
A wound
Your love is my balm
My love because I love you
Is balm healing our world
In which our heart
Beats as a pulse of Life.

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