Straightening the Dog’s Tail

Moving history for the better has never been easier than with Meristem Intelligence®️ powered with Nirbeeja Yoga®️ that wowers the whole story into sanity.

Guess what I discovered today in practicing Nirbeeja Yoga®️? Straightening the dog’s tail! Yep, historically, ‘straightening the dog’s tail’ has been considered an impossible task..until now. In Advaitha, from the paradigm of Meristem Intelligence®️, a person is the smallest unit of the society, and we have a person-centric model of the universe to define and refine what Advaitha is in a timeless-tradition-of-life fashion, where in the word ‘life’ like Mr.e.e.cummings discerned, small letters are bigger in gravitas than capitals coz they have a ‘common noun’ like weightage than the heavy ‘significant somebodyness’ of a proper noun.

Haven’t you heard? Microcosm is the reflection of the macrocosm. If we can’t be comfortable with small and insignificantly nothing, we can’t be comfortable with anything – significant or not!

That’s why un-obtainium of ‘nothing’ that’s at the heart of everything has been unreachable..because we can’t keep our tail straight enough to be human. The body of a human ‘straightened out’ over millions of years of evolution that gave rise to the body that is human. We keep going back into animal behaviours rather than evolving into the next stage of evolution afforded by the human body by design because we don’t know how to do yoga such that Nature and Nurture through contraction and relaxation keeps the spine straight enough to be a humane nonviolent (no pow-wow) human being, like Adam and Eve together as two halves of one whole heart, like two bodies one pulse of Life that wowers the organism of life from the oomph that is the two-in-one that is the Heart of which the cardiac muscle complex is a symbolic representation.

Check out our online Course, Anatomy And Physiology of MITI BayBe, for more such points of reference by which to become a Heart that wowers life.

For the ‘straightening out’ to happen, the tail needs to be straightened out and kept straight. Remember the image of the Sphinx of Egyptian Pharaohship fame? The Sphinx is a dog peaked up into a human Pharaoh head that hatha yoga practitioners probably call a bhujangaasana position. The message in the Sphinx is, obviously, completely missed out – we need to grow from our dog-like loyalties, bell our own cats so the rats inside us are not making a sieve out of our fabric of life through which commonsense oozes out and then to straighten out the dog’s tail by keeping the Celtic sword-and-shield that the sperm-and-ovum combo that our sperm-shaped spine is in combo with the ‘turtle shell’ ovum/egg that our body is so the tail (tale of our lifestory) remains straight from root to tree-of-life Christmas tree top so that the Star Of David calls out to the three Kings to bring home the gifts that maintains nonviolent humane living as the basix of a normal, ordinary, living life.

I got my LifePartner by his tail by the simple fact of having a body that is human of which he is my complementary partner. I am moving history by straightening out his tale through the simple fact of my ability to heal violence through the prayerful no-muscle-movement, no-sounds, no-things practice of Nirbeeja Yoga®️. Contact me (Bitha Sadabandan) on 7619302221 or email me at if interested in learning this method of yoga of which I am the Founder.

I am on Ekadashi mode, which is Meristem Intelligence®️ version of practicing Jaya Parvathi Vratha, for straightening out history into healthier, wealthier, wiser humane living.

I have just begun cleaning my house..

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