Not having money solves nothing!

Money is one of the currencies of exchange amongst humans.

The Ashtalakshmi symbolic-chart proves that wise ancestors too agree.

Having therapeutic skills to exchange with money, I didn’t get to solve issues sustainably until I tested my skills in living everyday life. I invested my savings in education in finding answers to questions and then solving my own life issues that ‘patients’ who came for my clinics were dealing with. I kept finding money or sufficient support to continue my Work and I kept putting out reports and results from my research and more material to contemplate kept coming in, and I digested them and put out more produce. I discovered that money is not the only currency by which life works. That life Works by currencies including but not limited to the Ashtalakshmi symbolic-chart. I didn’t know I was unearthing sanatana dharma nor that Life was trying to rejuvenate its systems in the presence of a willing coworker. I ended up being the solution to the problem Life didn’t know existed and then some more on problems others were working on but didn’t find successors to complete what they started and then some more they don’t know how to solve.

In moving into empirical research with limited clinical practice, the relevance of the Ashtalakshmi and ancestral approval through timetested texts encourages and enriches life skills as basis for a wider audience, and money is a consequence, not object of attention, fueling my enterprise, like the devil solving the prick through money.

Now my therapeutic skills have real life applications to the point of using nothing as a therapeutic tool, and nobody knows nothing, and I am nobody, and most somebody don’t know how to be nobody*.

Not having money to brag about but investing what I had, I discovered that stressing about money suffered the quality of my research and also that money is not what powered life into Working well enough into health, wealth and wisdom but a consequence of health, wealth and education that produced money. In other words, it is the investment in self that gave health, wealth and wisdom enough to make products that earns money to power the produce by commonwealth approval as valuable enough to support as an enterprise in Almighty.Inc. as the SchemaOfAllThatThereIs.

{Nobody, by the way, is at the center of the person-centric model of the universe that powers sanatana dharma that ancestors approve of, and is the sheep that produces the Golden Fleece or lays the golden egg, but the sheep or duck is of no use looking inside out of coz the fleece or egg is not inside them; they produce it, just as Midas’ touch is not inside his skin but is a consequence of who he is. MI World creates these golden people, and now tell me where the money is? In education, of course! Right education, from people with experience, not anybody else. Subscribe to any of MI channels and get more of regular tidbits to dot your thoughtscape with MemberShip benefits to get you educated into becoming golden people. The ‘gold’ is not in the substance gold but in making life from truelove, like babies don’t drop from the sky, and babies that comply with ancestral blessings and genetic prowess of parental love and a gift to the Planet? That’s gold for generations. Good seeds of life is gold, like literally; people call such kids a blessing. You want one or want to become one? Sign up and get started!}

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