Karma in terms of Nirbeeja Yoga®️

In a person-centric model of the universe, our body is a house in which all the body units are people. Our body is, then, an Earth with at least 12 continents. A person, since exists within a system that consists of other people and is part of a whole, is a universe and interacting with other universes since other people are universes too, and so is part of a multiverse. Breath is the ground from which the matrix that is the body takes shape, and so is the dharma. Karma is the actions indulged in a cooperative society woven by the threads of breath. The system of logic by which you put things together determines if you are doing to have health or disease, benefits of winner’s triad (strife at arriving at the right path, struggle and loneliness en route doing the right things but true health, wealth, wisdom as sustainable earnings) or benefits of drama triad (ephemeral health, wealth, wisdom that turns into disease, unhappiness, disappointment).

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