The NeverBeast of Meristem Intelligence®️

If you haven’t thought about this before, watch the movie, Tinkerbell and the legend of the NeverBeast. I saw it on Disney+ Hotstar. That movie is (only?) a reference for what I am about to say in the video below. It has been on YouTube since some time but I thought it needs a wider audience for appreciation and comprehension; somethings are just so wide, you can’t grasp the significance of it from appearance. You might just make a buck or two (better?) if you knew what its about. {Psst: You might get a head start on finding your job of employment in some time to come; the economy is changing in shape, form (dimension) and texture, and you may wanna catch up with the new or face consequences of delayed investment. ..😈me trying out my impishness; dont quake….me only wowers your power so you lose your pow-wow and rain in to new tower}. {Remember, Frost’s Birches where he says ‘one could do worse than be a swinger of birches’?}

Now, back to business..

Here’s what’s written in the Description section of this YouTube upload:

Rediscovering the new in what is already thought of as known is an important aspect of learning #meristemintelligence. ‘Nothing is new’ in the sense that we have known #sanatanadharma since some time and live our lives by it in many ways; our economies function by our knowledge of #sanatanadharma the way our ancestors have told us and also as understood by the application of learned principles in the apparently changing challenges afforded by present times, which is perhaps when the symbolism, the representative images, the languaging need appreciation in vocabulary relevant to present 21st century youth as the middle age (where childhood and adulthood has youth as the middleground so ‘becoming you’ (you’th) is a timeless state of being by which to become who one needs to become in accomplishing what one has come into existence for. Note: I have deliberately changed the dynamic of the sentence so our fixture on phrases breaks from concrete thinking to focus on words and their meanings as units of meaning so connecting the truth values based on personal assessment of ‘truth’ becomes possible thereby enabling fluidity of intelligence for healthier neuroplasticity).

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