When the water boils..

I read an article recently on the question of whether a piece of writing begins with the title or the title follows the written piece.

I used to think the title came last, like the signature, only written on top, but then found sometimes the content needs a heading to get a tail-blazing (fire in the bum) and sometimes the body finds its head after it is formed, like a knight wears his helmet after the armour is clad close to getting on his horse onward into the future.

The point is this..both the heaven and hell needs boiling out of the water so clean uncontaminated water remains out of the convection and churning of the latex formed from the visceral process that is creating anything of value (virtue). Alchemists perhaps call it ‘including a part of you in the process’ {like Khalil Gibran says ‘it is only when we give of ourselves that we truly give’}. The above reference, of course, is symbolically represented by the Samudra Manthan of Vedic Mythological lore.

The blood boil that waring people, both domestic and intercontinental {where the country within the skin is perhaps not called a ‘continent’ but is a country made of earth, water, fire, air, spirit, space, just as the brick and mortar geographical space that is called a continent is made up of} so count on to maintain violence across boundaries, has perhaps been instrumental in keeping the list of diseases maintained by WHO alive and growing, like a war general would maintain a list of laurels earned over time to remember the ‘good times,’ but is perhaps not counted as one of the laurels but maintained by an economic faction nevertheless because we don’t know to boil water well enough to get the contaminants and intoxicants out of it. We even supplement the drama deficit {awkward lull in interpersonal/international/intercultural drama deficit} with alcohol, drugs, smoke and/or sex to maintain homeostatic viscosity of the blood!

Try South Indian sambar for a change. The viscosity of it is a skill not many have learned to maintain, I found, on a Timelapse survey that is ongoing on the best traditional sambar in the 21st century. Either the hing (asafoetida) or size of vegetables or color of the concoction or viscosity or smell or ..there are umpteen things that go out of balance and un-sambars this gem of a dish that colon cancer specialists are just beginning to realise the benefit of in healing the said dis-ease but which a traditional South Indian family has for breakfast at least thrice a week, if not daily. Sambar with soft idlis and coconut chutney is a thing for a connoisseur of fine living and who knows ‘luxury’ for other than what has percolated through the gaps in history.

Coming back to the water boil, the ShriYantra is said to have the woman on top and man below.

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When heaven is boiled out of heaven and hell out of hell, women get less snarly and buoy up again {Parvati style} in the ShriYantra model, harmonious in domestic homily, and men let out their pompous ‘gas’ in dealing with ‘how to be man enough to gain the respect of women well enough’ syndrome and settle rooted tree-like {Nataraja style} in the ShriYantra model for a stable homily congenial society.

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Gyms, indoor/outdoor games, boxing rinks, or just a sandbag or pushup wall from time to time would do wonders to ease out the tension in muscles from time to time. The tension bunching up in muscles unreleased is what causes a ‘volcano’ somewhere that is drowned in alcohol or drugs or smoke or sex or a shouting match hollering expletives at each other {sometimes in a meeting hall or at their children or aged parents or a wife too tame to holler back} providing ‘material’ for what could be called ‘domestic abuse’ if only the experience of living within the skin could be called a Country whose harmony when gone a bit ‘Kurukshetra’ ends up in legalised or illegalized violence that we have the whole system called ‘economy’ to deal with.

Try some Nirbeeja Yoga®️ now, will you? Lets boil the heaven out of heaven and hell out of hell so both men and women can be humans and occupy respective places within the framework of a single person and so also the familial framework in a ShriYantra format. The ShriYantra is said to have cosmological benefit when even drawn in an agricultural land where its geometry is said to cause the earth, water, fire, air, spirit, space to behave cosmogenically. This theory needs to be tested out in our familial homes but in terms of Meristem Intelligence®️ (MI Enterprise), ShriYantra works within the body as the original family where ‘family’ as a word has visceral existential experiential relevance that requires love to nurture and nature. As it is within, so it is outside (without). We, each, butterfly our worlds into existence by how we breathe (flap our respiratory wings in inspiration and expiration) and cause into existence ‘growths’ by a ‘butterfly effect’ over time. Lets get better!

{FYI: Nirbeeja Yoga®️ helps regularise the dysynchronized circadian rhythms so our breaths are in synchronistic music with each other. Good body music creates good ‘raasa’ dances in interpersonal dynamics for harmonious #humanityacrossboundaries. Sign up on https://meristem.simplybook.me for your first class!}

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