The Wheel of Development MI Way

We have, at some point or another, heard of the hamster in the wheel. Sisyphus and his rock up the mountain is another syllogical reference to the same ‘condition’ in the existential concern of being human – a point largely missed in the ‘condition’ being the fact of the action of the hamster or Sisyphus itself; that both are ‘doing’ something ongoingly. A study says ‘Practice for 10000 hours to become a genius.’ The hamster and Sisyphus were doing just that.

Fastforward to another context – this time to the human body and the condition of being ‘human.’ The human body has been studied and is being studied in many ways. Different systems of medicine perceive the human body according to their logic of thinking {perspective based on premise(s)}. Ayurveda from a plant and nature-based alchemical perspective, Allopathy from a tissue-based anatomy and physiological perspective of the body as an organic vehicle, Homeopathy from a biochemical water-based dynamic perspective, et al. Each system has a perspective and findings to offer that another doesn’t because of their vantage but together make available a plethora of information in the condition of being human, but a whole is more than a sum of its parts. A human body remains a challenge as proven by the list of diseases maintained by WHO and the COVID infection that crippled the economy into serious contemplations of what is missing the presence of which would make a difference in the experience of being alive. The last sentence may seem dramatic but those who had to go to the other side of life have large complaints about what was missing and what could have been done better. So, those on this side of life have the opportunity to make reparations for what could not be done earlier, such as guided by the perspectives presented by this author (me!).

For example, consider the serious/comical reference to men’s and women’s brain psychological dispositions ( It takes a simple and complex bout of Connect. to fully appreciate the Work that the Presenter has done but for the purpose of this Article I will take only the ‘everything connected to everything’ bit in reference to women’s brains.

A human body may not have been appreciable well enough before because the woman’s psyche may not have been able to be understood before. There have been movies (‘What a woman wants’ for example), books about figuring out how the female brain really works versus that of males (‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’) and jokes about how a woman’s brain is apparently unfathomable or some such thing. Leave everything else aside, the simple fact of not figuring out how and why a human body works the way it does can be related to why we have predominantly had Hatha Yoga and male or female-dominant societies and yet have had a list of diseases, people having to stand with guns in the borders for security and ecological concerns since some time while we call it all ‘history’ but love Mother Nature and the Virgin Mary and all life comes from the mother and keep yearning for ‘unconditional love’..the human body has the mind of a woman where ‘everything is connected to everything’ and worse ‘everything is everything’ and so a human being is an n-dimensional being.

For a long time, I thought mothers are the most advanced of the human species (‘they have eyes at the back of their heads’ is one of the logics that alludes to this line of thought). I then got to know about Salvator Mundi and correlated that with my experience as a health facilitator in my clinical practice that gave rise to caretake syndrome many times somuchso that I really had to take a closer look at ‘caretakers’ in our societies to see how did they cope with being alive after all the caretaking they were doing. I figured why we have diseases in the communities – the care-taking muscle gets tired and people do not know how to repair the ‘muscle’ somuchso that the ‘heart’ (read, body) closes from what it takes to continue caring for their concerns to the exclusion of pain and discomfort and precipitates of experiences that comes with caring/loving. Callus forms on the skin where too much work has been experienced for a physical labourer. I thought I had a tendency to care so much that I did’nt care. In the course of being a therapist, I figured the human ‘care muscle’ tends to get calloused, like the skin would with repeated friction from exertion, so much that they did not care. Neurologists may have called it ‘synaptic pruning’ but in terms of care-physiology, humans tend to form boundaries or ‘circles of love’ with different amounts of love allotted for each circle in a concentric circle model where each circle has degrees of social distancing according to priorities. Coping mechanisms come into place to deal with the consequences from the inflammation (vedic philosophy calls it ksheera or latex, like the milky exudate that certain plants release at points where the tissue is wounded) that goes untended in activities of daily living somuchso that humans tend to ‘blanket/under-the-carpet’ what they cannot deal with. Some of these have been around so long that they form ‘skeletons in the cupboard’ handed down from generation to generation forming layers upon layers of retraumatizing patterns within the cultural, social, religious, national ethos, and #humanityacrossboundaries remains yearned for.

Nirbeeja Yoga®️ formed from healing the inflammation my tissues were dealing with in between the different activities of daily living I was moving through while managing two professions simultaneously (one being a Sr.QA Specialist in a medical transcription firm and another as a therapist) along with continuous education activities to maintain my different concerns. A bout of uveitis for which I was recommended lifelong maintenance steroids and undiagnosed chikungunya got me practicing my therapeutic skills on myself to be done away with the dependence. Another case of ‘necessity is the mother of all inventions’ that gave rise to my movement-less method of yoga that got christened Nirbeeja Yoga®️.

The following Wheel got invented in the course of figuring out how to care enough about all my concerns, one of which is that the human body formed out of millions of years of evolutionary care by the cosmos and of a gravitas not fathomed by human calculations thus far. The I Ching, for example, informs many of our economic processes and its origin is no longer known. No matter what its origins, MITI World has formulated this Wheel that helps me keep my love in line so I continue to hamster the wheel or sisyphus the rock that is Earth up the worthy mountains. See if it works for you.

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MI at the centre representing ‘me’ is the central experiencer whose life a person lives within the Country of the skin that forms the ‘boundary’ of one’s own body.

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Allow for some ‘me-time’ per day. The teleseries, Sex and the City, has a personal time apartment that the friends use from time to time to wind out and refind themselves from the routine humdrums. It is different from the ‘girls time’ or ‘boys time.’ Find a lil ‘me time’ exclusive in your daily schedule. It would save a lot of doctor’s bills and stresses in family dynamics because you are tightly wound like a spring that just won’t release, and that tenses up people around you, sometimes into tense argument stances for no apparent reason than the fact that you are tense and won’t take your ‘me time.’

#humanityacrossboundaries sometimes just requires you getting everyone else out of your hair so you can unwind and do nothing for a change. The whole world and their grandmothers can wait coz you hold the central pole of the tent in the circus that is your life.

Want more of this? Sign up EarlyBird on and you’l learn a few things you can do to keep your space while caring for what you deem is important while no one else can care enough about presently. Problems solved is a problem you or others dont need to deal with. The Wheel above would help you keep some points of reference so you are not missing out some bottlenecks that could stall people from benefitting from your solution. A lot of the problems people dont know exists anyways; they dont need to as long as they are solved because you care enough. This Wheel will help you keep your social and moral perspectives so you dont shrivel into someone less than who you can be. It also helps grow the ‘creeper’ into a ‘tree,’ being strong the way you need to be from within by the grace of love.

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