The middle ground between opposites

Today’s Google doodle is of the Great Gama Pehlwan, Ghulam Muhammad Baksh Butt, whose achievements remain unmatched even today.

He is one of the few greats who have lived ingrained with values from both the hindu as well as muslim philosophies (sun and moon traditions) – two apparently opposing philosophies/worldviews that Yoga is attempting to bring together and keep together for health, wealth and wisdom in the body. It is about who lives such unifying life that determines by demonstration how good the studentship is. Mr.A.R.Rehman who is music director, composer of Oscar Award fame is another such person of yogic caliber who bridge the gap between worlds creating a space where more than a little thought is required to appreciate the kind of beauty they are really achieving through their endeavours.

Yoga is also the middle path achieved through ‘walking’ both the sides of the complementary opposites such that a person is said to be ‘walking the golden middlepath.’

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Jin dan dao in Chinese philosophy refers to the way of the golden elixir, which also refers to jing or the fluid available through the bladder when the body is healthy enough to produce good crap as proof of a good life lived. The golden elixir is another way of being ‘wealthy’ by being ‘piss poor’ {watching one’s essence being golden enough through ennobling ones values by timeless virtues, which is only possible through cleaning one’s essence of contaminants and precipitates of violence within such that plasma becomes golden {piss poor} as the elixir wowering a good life from within}. (PS: Nirbeeja Yoga®️ is about jin mi dan dao, which is the way of making the essential waters clearer so anything that the water touches becomes clearer, including conscience. Sign up on or enrol EarlyBird for

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We have many pathways by which to live life, but people such as Gama Pehlwan, Bruce Lee, A.R.Rehman and Shri Narendra Modi bridge gap across expanse most don’t know exist and hence yoga a space where new emerges healthier by the fact of how they live their life.

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