‘Cultivation’ for truelove

Contemplation in terms of Nirbeeja Yoga®️ probably equates the Chinese idea of ‘cultivation’ (ref: tele series, Ashes of Love). The difference in terms of Meristem Intelligence®️ and Nirbeeja Yoga®️ is that ‘cultivation’ or ‘contemplation’ is for developing nonviolence or in other words for de-violating the body of deviations from healthy conscience; in other words, healing the devil (deviation from harmony) of its misery because of which it cannot be home and participating in maintaining #truelove for #humanityacrossboundaries.

Said another way, Nirbeeja Yoga®️ is about maintaining #truelove between the sheets of the skin where love is the medicine that heals wounds caused across known and unknown time and space (ref: ‘Time heals wounds that couldn’t heal otherwise.’). Some wounds are a few moments old, some have been etched in the fabric of the soul across lifetimes, some are a few years old, so each takes its own time healing but heal they do with the medicine that is #truelove.

It seems that historically our idea of truelove has been influenced by, lets say, HaTha or dwaitha perspectives where polarities have defined what words mean, including the meaning of ‘love’ in a dual ’cause-and-effect’ perspective. For practical purposes, we could call historical (as referenced across history until this point in time) as Shiva’s perspective of what truelove is and MI World’s perspective as Parvathi/Parvathi’s perspective of truelove. This may perhaps demarcate in a distinct contrast between what has been and what could be from the novelty of perspective brought forth by Meristem Intelligence®️.

Maybe the lockdowns since 2020 has opened up opportunities for turning the tide on what has hitherto been conceived as ‘normal’ ‘ordinary’ or ‘living.’

For an imagery, Nirbeeja Yoga®️ is like a continuous distil column that is used to make vodka, the body of a person being like a continuous distil column. The difference is that unlike making vodka, in Nirbeeja Yoga®️, even the spirit that makes vodka vodka is distilled out so only clean water remains as the elixir of life by clear conscience. Mythology has the image of Shiva with Ganga pouring out of his topknot without even moving a muscle. I am guessing he is doing Nirbeeja Yoga®️. In terms of biology, choroid plexus trickles CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) into the third ventricle, which could be equated to Ganga when health of the body is maintained nonviolently (using no thing, such as when ‘yoga’ is really happening) such that the waters are detoxifying, decontaminating, detraumatizing like when Paarvathi prevented poison during Samudra Mathan from poisoning Shiva’s body (ref: story how Neelakanta formed) so that the most important outcome from the Samudra Manthan (read, daily churnings/grind in the course of activities of daily living) is clean clear pure conscience such that food, water, fun, work, cleanliness and rest are all guilt free, effulgent with scintillating octaves that a lot of people call music and dance. Shamans are said to ask amongst the first questions upon a visit to one, apparently, this question “When is the last time you sang? When is the last time you danced?”

Maybe Nirbeeja Yoga®️ offers a new way to sing and dance without even having to move a muscle, and then of course the muscle-moved song and dance and contortionisms will continue to be safe, sane, and #humanityacrossboundaries enhancing so that WHO also has a list of how to not have the list of diseases.

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