‘You give but little when you give of your things; it is when you give of yourself that you truly give’ ~ Khalil Gibran

Growing up, I used to have mighty concerns with the word ‘sacrifice.’ I used to think, especially parents, ‘sacrificed’ so much for children and burden children with their expectation because they sacrificed, which the children did not ask for to begin with, and the society overloads the emphasis on taking care of parents because they sacrifice so much somuchso that children can never repay the debt owed to parents.

I did not understand ‘sacrifice.’ I would often think sacrifice is like the offering into the sacred fire during a havan. You dont expect to get anything out of it but what you put into it, or rather the products from what you put into it; that it is like an investment plan – what you sow so do you reap. I was observing the curious behavior {weird, I thought} about the meaning of this word between dictionary and colloquial understanding, and people’s attitudes to the dynamics around this word. Quite a current {and currency}, I thought, but like money quite misunderstood and misemployed too, I thought.

Today, I was contemplating about giving up tea and coffee because I tend to leak out of my ‘slime mold’ basic lifeform existential reality that also forms part of my {everybody’s} body composition. {Click link to watch an amazing world within our own biological makeup that would humble our intellectual arrogance:}. I have been studying inflammation since some time and have an EarlyBird offer on an online Course I am developing to have a noninflammatory presence Part of the work involved in creating the Course is R&D to see what works and what would better the outcomes from having a noninflammatory presence using nothing. I tend to think warm water with lemon and honey has beneficial affects but the outcomes also involves not consuming inflammatory agents so I am not damaging the benefits on one end while working on bettering the outcomes on another. I thought of the word ‘sacrifice’ again and re-membered my earlier deviation from how this word is commonly perceived. I thought it better to write about it should it inspire a dialogue about sacrifice as mindful investment in a ‘what goes around comes around’ meets ‘you reap what you sow’ prudence-inspiring red-flagger. The Bhagavat Geeta talks about it as ‘do the right thing prudently without concern for the result’ {approx translation of karmanye vaadikaaraste maa phaleshu kadaachana}.

Giving expecting a return on investment or claiming a credit is not an offering/service {seva} but business as usual. Even ‘not claiming a credit’ is claiming a credit by not claiming it – by thinking about the return on investment from ‘not claiming it’ by the above logic, me thinks. In other words, the surrender to the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of the action would be incomplete and hence liberation from the bondage of karma is incomplete because you have not invested more than what the karma requires to balance the debt. That is, you haven’t gone the extra mile in doing the peace’ifying right thing.

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You sacredise a journey by paying a premium in faith based on your conscience as investment so you kind of invest an aspect of you into the undertaking.

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What else is sacrifice? I wonder.

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