Saint? Holy crap!

I read Paulo Coelho’s Brida and in it was mentioned 4 rings as mentioned in the Bible available to choose from in leading a transformative life – the way of the martyr, the way of the virgin, the way of the saint, the way of the witch. I read a book like I eat food – I chew the matter where appropriate, wolf it down without bothering to chew at some points, glance at the matter at some points and return to it every now and then at some points (I am kind of quoting the words of another author who had mentioned something to the effect that I had read in passing at some point in my believe-it-or-not crash course into life – like Life was in a hurry to get me up to speed or something, for I always had ‘some Work to complete’ and I did not know what it was so I had to figure out what may be the ‘Work’ that I needed to complete; I came to nth way by the number of answers I received that I think Nirbeeja Yoga®️ is kalaripayattu without moving a muscle and it turns out kalaripayattu means ‘on-the-field practice or on-the-job training.

(The above paragraph may make your intellect spin because of the different contexts visited within the span of a few sentences so in the interest of preserving such a sentence that got created preserved as such for artistic appreciation, it is recommended to bite one or two words at a time or more as able to be handled. You will complete the making-sense-of-it part but meanwhile your intellect would have gotten intelligenter, like ‘if you go into water you are likely to get wet in some way’ format {caution: choose what experiences you put your mind, body, spirit, consciousness through and clean them regularly for maintenance of health.})

The point of the first paragraph is: I kinda went back and forth on each of the 4 options and chose ‘healer,’ like Harry Potter at the Sorting Hat Ceremony had the choice of choosing which team he wanted to be a part of with the available freewill he had per Intelligent Design (read, the Theory of Intelligent Design). Turns out a Jhulelal or Alibaba was due coming into existence and I ‘happen’ to do the right thing by which the pathway got into activation. It turns out the healer has to go through all the other rings to become one. I had no problem as long as I became one; the kind of crap that was going the rounds with people dealing with the same problems over and over and over and not getting bored with it was disgustingly unbelievable. Given how worthless I was feeling at the time wondering what I was doing in the schema of things, I thought I might as well work on the root cause of it all.

In going through the available bits of info on each of the four in the path of becoming a healer, I found the saint quite odd and insufficient – benign smile and monochromatic dress out of all the available choice of rainbow colors and calling it freedom; I chose and choose the rainbow colors and every other colour not mentioned in the rainbow and beyond so I am not missing out on anything. ‘All I want is everything’ and I got nothing to handle! It turns out a humane being was in the making and I happen to take the lead by choice that I did not know was inadvertently advertent in the sense that someone had to do it {be the fish that jumps to land and start the terrestrial line of lifeforms} and I was just hanging around reading this and that and making a meaningful life with this one good opportunity I have and thought I might as well make the most of it for both investors and invested alike; afterall its my life and I refuse to be just dragged about anyhow!

As I sat, stood, walked, slept, and poised in different available positions to contemplate about this and that that Hatha Yoga practitioners would probably call asanas though I didn’t go to those levels, quite interesting postures but good for people who are learning/training in becoming a contortionist for acrobatic prowess. Me? I am more interested in humane beings and normal, ordinary living experiences that uses least effort and maximum result. I got this one life and want to make the most of it! No time for exercise-specific routine that does not wower what I already have, so I poop out {crap out} products of contemplation regularly, like an earthworm would {only I chewed different ‘products’ of violence in my body until they were more nonviolent depending on what went into my body} until my body became less non-vegetarian, and I kind of recognised with the idea of the Saintess of the Holy Healers’ Community {as represented in Ashes of Love tele series}. Its kinda like I started from a non-vegetarian dieted family and then pooped out products of contemplation after digesting the non-vegetarian stuff and turned out saint’ish. Holy crap of earthwormish scale! I happen to hail from Bharath Earth Movers Limited (BEML) so I guess some bit of the earthworminess got thought-streamed into my psyche from where I have been.

Saint? Humane being. That’s what! You have an issue with becoming a saint? You dont have to wear that monochromatic dress and benign smile, and can dance and sing and celebrate life after the fact of becoming a tree who is well rooted in the soil like it is nobody else’s business. I pull the heaven and hell together, sanitise the heaven out of heaven and hell out of hell so all rain as good nice water on Earth as home for humane beings. That’s why I have a body that is human. Whoever said nonviolence is powerless? I am so nonviolent, am chewing up the miles in what I need to accomplish across time and space without even moving a muscle and got identified with Jin mi in Ashes of Love where she was being the Saintess of the Holy Healer’s Community. When you go limitless, for which you need to become wholesomely zero, you begin the journey from 1 to 9 and back again from 0 and then you stop counting, and that is when you go limitless. {I figured that Jin mi in that tele series, available on YouTube, should have continued the training in being a Healer Saintess, in which case the whole war between the realms wouldn’t have happened, and that’s why I heal the fabric of time and space, like it is no man’s business!}.

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