Meristematic diet – part2

I gave up non-vegetarian diet, and that only includes egg, meat, fish, not milk or milk products, which I dont think is non-vegetarian. {I think vegan diet is cruel because they have so much ‘not this’ in their thought process that I feel excluded; maybe I am yeast or some element of life that is essential for life that vegans dont get to partake by rejection, or maybe that was just the case for the one human I interacted with who was stoically vegan}. Nevertheless, I have progressively been getting inflamed, like CERN pelting by the particles from non-veg dieters, who are like present all around me and eat all kinds of things. Their particles pelt against the surfaces that is mine and starting in the morning, my particles are on askance of processed food, non-veg stuff, like I should be eating them. I guess it is the remaining gut flora bounced off by particles from the non-veg dieters’ having me reach out for their kind of stuff. I am ‘starving’ {yogic term for langhanam as per Ekam people, which I think means ‘going beyond’ and not ‘starving’} my proclivities for violence by changing what goes into my tissues. My perceptibilities have been fine’izing since I shifted into R&D of meristematic diet and what I could see of the world has been getting quite spin’y – I might have a spin theory of some sort forming somewhere that I might already be loudly talking about on social media (Moj app profile ID: @meristemintelligence). I kind of went off tea or coffee {stimulants} after re-viewing the video on Seifritz take on protoplasm and my tissues got further pelted because I am continuing to do Nirbeeja Yoga®️ and my tissues are spinning less due to even further reduced nonreactive tissue composition from the tea-less, coffee-less exploration into meristematic diet and I am more time-conscious, like my circadian rhythm(?) is more paying attention to my habitual spins {like molecules in my household have been spinning at certain frequencies creating a certain ‘memory palace’ if that is a word from my bumming around here more often these days and I am more tuned to pelting happening of my nerves. More reason to practice Nirbeeja Yoga®️ at nerve level but I tea’d today and I am leaking out of my fluids a bit more than if I hadn’t {tea’d} and so much more reactive {dissociated from the degree of integrity I have been observing, now more effortlessly with the meristematic diet than when I was nonveg’ing, which is just so conducive to my line of work – healing the fabric of time and space for better health, wealth and wisdom. I got lot of babies growing around me who are checking quite regularly on how is their future world shaping up and how much I care about doing the right thing; they do that with every adult and it is about who has the wherewithal enough to facilitate for the kind of grounds they are looking for to prance about in} that I am writing this Article, kinda vomiting words on ‘paper’ from the amount of leaking I am having from my fluids by the 1.5 cups of tea I have dared to risk drinking {for recheck on why ‘no tea or coffee’ just in case I was deluded into thinking giving them up made a difference in my work}. I am chagrined but I have a trampolinable reason for why not to. That was an expensive 1.5 cups of tea.

If you consider that people have non-veg diet and all kinds of stimulants and just giving them up would have other uses for their existence, our palatial family bungalow would have a lot of flora and fauna populating our grounds, if you care enough to be #EarthFamily, that is.

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