Darkness for contemplation

Dosa batter kept overnight ferments with a quality that is different from when kept for fermentation during the day. Water kept in an earthen pot overnight tastes better. Sleep over a concern and you are likely to wake up with a solution or some semblance of it. ‘Overnight’ imbues something into our life systems that bears anatomic and physiologic appreciation. These are human observations made by the faculties available to human bodily constitution, which formed over millions of years of human evolution. Detailed mass communication codified with specifics peculiar to a particular sound-system (language) is an evolutionary advancement in the human species from which observation and interpretation of phenomena makes available details otherwise not possible. This, in other words, is an attempt to say that we, each, need to speak up what we see of life around us, how we interpret what we perceive through our sensory faculties, for though we have a human body in common, our compositional make is different and hence unique to each individual.

The amount of values/information missed because we do not consider an individual as important as the collective, and do not pay as much attention to a person as much as our interest in the ‘average’ or overall bandwidth of ‘normal’ ‘health’ based on function or functionality speaks for our focus on quantity over reasonable quality.

The fabric of time and space has been healing as several attempts continue to be made by one and more factions to ‘generally’ take care of things so more people on an ‘average’ are alive while further attempts are being made towards ‘societal civilization’ without losing ancestral values. Between our ‘survival of the fittest’ and fight against nature to keep things alive, we may be missing out on some obvious points by which we could work ‘with’ nature so a balance strikes between us and ‘them,’ where ‘them’ is the unknown whatnots out there that are trying to get us and against whom we must ‘fight’ to stay alive. Maybe we just have too much ‘light’ time as we tend to turn on fluorescent lights after sunset and do not know how much our physiology may be missing out on the opportunity afforded by nature in the darkness of night for rest. Rest affords our physiology the opportunity for the element of ‘space’ in our body to get rest, and when ‘space’ rests sufficiently, the organic computers that is also our body defragments and spruces up better. With ‘space’ better sorted out, details we could not hitherto pay attention can now be seen and issues better appreciated in arriving at solutions.

If only, like crows and several other-than-human organisms, we would turn down the lights, have an early dinner so our physiology can settle in better to appreciate what sun-down time affords our life systems. Maybe, then, humans wouldn’t age so fast due to the stress involved in fighting against nature sometimes all the time. Maybe a little natural rest afforded by reduced light after sunset would help our body rejuvenate enough and work with nature, nurturing our own ‘nature’ alongside. Wouldn’t that be humane?

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