Aham Brahmasmi vs Aham Bramhaasmi

‘Aham Brahmasmi’ has a problem: when said as ‘aHam bramHaasmi’ versus ‘aham brahmasmi.’ Two parts to the problem: one is the sound ‘ha’ when pronounced as ‘Ha’ (like woohaahaahaahaa sur or asur altitude/platitude-laden heavenitude or hellitude) and the other is when the meaning is misinterpreted. Aham is like la ilaaha (nothing or ‘who is present invisibly’), brahma is the ‘creator out of nothing’(as in ‘immaculate conception’) and asmi is the fire/light of love within that has a person be alive (like the diya or candle lit in a place of worship to remind a person of the brahmasmi/illallah within). It’s in the pronunciation that the appreciation of this basic essential verse is. When we make it sooo big, raja yoga becomes raaja yoga, and we forget the difference between sanatana dharma (being human) and sanitising dharma (becoming human, where ‘being human’ is not a birthright but an acknowledgement earned through right conduct through application of aham brahmasmi/la ilaaha illaallah).

Time for leveling up in what it means to be human. After all, the original intelligence that is human made artificial intelligence so the #NewNormal needs to at least include bettering our potential through a recap of the achievements of human history, such as the verse ‘aham brahmasmi.’🙂🏳️

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