We got the wealth of options to earn the gift of grace by doing the right things.

Ishvarapranidaana and ishvarapranidhana are two different forms of each other. We may have englishified samskritum to ‘ishvarapranidana’ while the ‘dana’ bit may have always contained ‘daana’ and ‘dhana.’ It may have been Intelligent Design/Providence that had someone translate it to ‘dana’ so someone at the right time could decipher the ambiguity, and a new stream of thoughtlines emerge about our interpretation and relationship with language.

‘Daana,’ by the way, alludes to ‘providentially given or gifted’ and ‘dhana’ alludes to ‘providentially wealthed or gifted.’ The nature of daana is perhaps more software and dhana more hardware but, of course, both are interchangeable and still remains two different forms of relative same, like time and space.

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