Sadgati is ‘good/rightful pace.’ Wishing someone on their demise a sadgati is better than ‘RIP’ but it is more important that the person wishing someone sadgati has sadgati in their life while they are alive. When the circadian rhythms in one’s body is synchronised such that their heart, mind, soul is functioning together, that’s when the time and space factors in their body is coordinated, not ‘relative to each other,’ and that’s when there is Advaitha of time and space by how their body functions – synchronised – like a clock. Sadgati. Sign up for Nirbeeja Yoga®️(Rs.1501 for one individual session; Rs.375.25 per class if signing up for 4 classes, i.e. Rs.1501 for 4 classes plus bonuses if signing up from Wower up! New is here!

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