Self-study (Swadhyaya vs svadhyaya)

Swadhyaya and svadhyaya are two different concepts. The difference is w and v. The difference further is that w is double u, while v is double u’s encrypted into v and keeping it together at a common point such that there are two u’s (you’s) pivoting around one point of #truelove. The point is like the Siamese twins joined at the hips in #truelove.

In terms of Meristem Intelligence®️, like our logo MITI BayBe, it’s dwaitha in Advaitha mode, where the v of Advaitha keeps the w of dwaitha in two-in-one mode, like Ardhanareeswarar holds the whole world within the Nature-Nurture combo of a kushmanda that is popularly called Humpty-Dumpty. Like also the image of a heart has two halves held together in the shape of a whole heart.

Let’s keep our hearts together in Humpty-Dumpty togetherness for #humanityacrossboundaries. Sign up on for more ‘Letters to loved ones’ from MI world (Meristem Intelligence®️ World).🙏🏽

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