Writing begins my authorship

I used to jot down thoughts as they occurred to me since a poignant phase in my life when I was beginning to get some semblance of getting a grip on how my life was going and what I was doing in this whole whirl of things going on around me, like I was in the midst of some important event that I missed the orientation class to. I thought they were insights to better jot down, like catch a comet as it flies. It became a habit that I hold onto – this thread of words beaded in many an order of changing dynamics that held my thought streams at the time to hold also a beauty not otherwise captured. I began authoring my life unbeknownst to me at the time when I first started. This writing is something I have held onto and bounced often of when taking away anything that I hold onto seems to be part of the training I have been having in figuring out how best to live life without this attachment. I eventually came to holding onto ‘nothing’ and am figuring out ways to teach ‘nothing’ since some time. I have an Enterprise, Meristem Intelligence®️, formed from products of contemplation that concreted over time while holding onto ‘nothing.’ ‘Nothing’ is the only thing that works in my life and I maintain being in touch with ‘nothing’ by Nirbeeja Yoga®️ (yep! my own origination) somuchso that I have a sacred geometry life type classic story in a believe-it-or-not format that I am having a difficulty having people get their head around as relevant in the 21st century for living life in the infinite moment of the present! Talk about ergonomic concerns!

My sentences – I tend to read them word by word and a phrase is two words put beside each other and then some more to form a sentence. Meaning, I dont read sentence by sentence, though I do that too, but more word by word and then zip them together to re-read them as phrase sets and then a sentence and then sentence by sentence in a back-and-forth re-read connecting again perhaps the first word with the last sentence of a paragraph and then regard the whole paragraph word to phrase to sentence to get a gist, if the paragraph is deemed to have matter warranting more than a cursory skim through, which happens over several years of reading a something here and there and then noticing that some paragraphs have a gravitas more than others.

The point is you pay attention to words in more detail when you begin to write your own, and begin to bounce off of a sheet of paper or writing surface and see how that activity begins to author the quality of life you live by somehow capturing the quality of life you would rather live.

You can keep running away from the life you have but at some point wisdom is in facing up to the bull fair and square and not put the sword through its head but an amicable ‘lets till the land.’

WordAikido, I call this aforementioned kind of text.

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