The kalki in Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc has fascinated me since some time. She and Mahabali of Onam fame. Both are said to be blessed with the opportunity to return to Earth from Hell once a year to visit the lands they so loved taking care of which they died. In MI estimate, they died due to manufacturing defects or stuff that needed further contemplation because of which they went to Hell, such as violence as a tool in Joan of Arc and arrogance of a ‘good man’ in Mahabali, is what MI thinks.

Kalki is the 10th avatar of Vishnu, as states some mythological texts. The symbolic representation shows a Man atop a horse holding aloft a sword. The sword of Vishnu is said to represent the golden joyful light of love that has two sides to it. One of the difficulties with truelove has been in that it holds along its midriff complementary opposites such as sukha and dukha on a fine balance. King Dionysius had a wise habit for reminding himself of the precarious position he chairs by a razor-sharp sword dangling over his head on a single strand of horsehair. Maybe he was maintaining the ‘kalki’ness of his humane development.

Joan of Arc perhaps loved Charles VII in ways most people may not understand love to be. She had a vision/reason for supporting Charles VII that perhaps was larger than her personal or contemporarial concerns. Perhaps the combination of her talents inspired Almighty.Inc to use her as an instrument of love (kalki by latent abilities) in evolving the story of life forward in a way that served the larger good that micro-inspection alone may not make visible.

Paulo Coelho mentioned about ‘finding one’s sword’ in his book, The Pilgrimage.

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Normal ordinary living then becomes a legendary-quality epic movie that betters our drama/hellfire/darkhole-tridented Ramayana and Mahabharata and all those fairytales into Vishanti-tridented happily everafters.

{“Darkhole, by the way, refers to the trauma-clouded pupils of the eye that need regular detraumatization by the kurma vayu pranayama for clarify of vision so dreams and LifeVisions are healthier, wealthier, wiser. Contact MI at or schedule a session at to learn the Nirbeeja Yoga®️ method for how.}

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