Why do we need Nirbeeja Yoga® today?

All through known human history, there has been this idea of ‘awakening’ or ‘liberation from cycles of birth and death’ or ‘moksha,’ but dukha as meaning ‘difficult space to live in’ is a popular concern amongst these dialogues. I have often been thinking en route discovering-inventing Nirbeeja Yoga® that people seem to yet emerge from the ice age, given how there seems to be so much #humanityacrossboundaries issues and social distancing concerns where we have tended to form nuclear families and maintain ‘civil’ distance from our neighbours/ethnicities/spiritual interests, et al. The idea of ‘awakening’ mentioned above, which has so much been prevalent, also has made me wonder ‘what is that we are attempting to awaken from?’ The following videos gave me several ‘a-ha’ moments that corroborated my findings but most importantly affirmed why Nirbeeja Yoga® is ecologically and economically important so Planet Earth recovers from several layers of developmental and physiological trauma endured en route supporting life and humans in becoming humaner species. Due to the above, I tend to think that Nirbeeja Yoga® may be what really has been alluded to as ‘yoga’ affirmed by the mythological ideas of ‘Green Tara’ and the ‘Ardhanareeshwar’ and ‘Samudra Manthan’ that we fail to associate with ‘our daily grind of everyday living’ due to the aforementioned reasons corroborated in thought lines by the following videos.

Here are the videos I mentioned. They chronicle significant events through Earth and human history, which even today affect our environment, health, intellectual ability and ability to be humane with each other. Of note is the survival-based circumstances that gave rise to some civilisations and razed many flourishing civilisations of the time, but significantly tells a story of how environmental pollutants affected ways of thinking and caused violent behaviours amongst many. Why are these videos being mentioned here in reference to Nirbeeja Yoga®? Nirbeeja Yoga® helps cleanse the 6 formative elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Spirit, Space within the body and consequently in the environment because our circadian rhythms are influenced by and influence ecology in a butterfly effect of which we are, each, a part of and which we, each, stand to make better by having our 6 elements ecologically healthier mythologically represented by the image of the green Tara. A person who maintains cleanliness of body, mind, spirit and conscience, incidentally is also what is needed for anybody to approach our idea of God in prayer. ‘Cleanliness is next to godliness’ is a well-known quote. While our ecologists move through many attempts to better soil quality, purify water, desilt air of particulate matter, there are heavy precipitates from experiences of living in ‘fire’ ‘spirit’ ‘space’ ‘earth’ ‘air’ and ‘water’ as formative elements from which anything is created that the best of our available technology is unable to address due to many reasons, some of which are mentioned in these videos.

Nirbeeja Yoga®️ follows a 10 x 10 x 10 length, width and depth covering yoga that requires a person to at least grasp the Basix involved in having ‘ground zero’ a.k.a. the ability to be in the infinite/indefinite (usually uncomfortable) moment of the present. Healthier Natural Breathing is an online course I am developing (and I am the Founder of Nirbeeja Yoga®️ and resident expert) to help begin the process of learning the Basix required in coming to ‘ground zero.’

Here are some of the key elements uncovered in the course:

  • A 5-step Nirbeeja Yoga®️ method to Mookaambika raaga a real-time nose breathing experience that keeps your mind anchored in the present moment day after day so that you enliven life with your stepped up experience of healthy living.
  • Quark-Gluon digestion for metabolising illusions, stress, anxiety, overwhelm, humanityacrossboundaries issues with a 20-minute breathing space so that you have the peace of mind required to enjoy the benefits of a grace-filled life from the blessing of the human body we are born into.
  • Tatvashuddhi cleansing routine to refresh your 6 senses with our feel-your-nose sensory exercises so that your body has a natural anti-inflammatory agent and a nose for healthy details.

An overview benefit is turning on the ecological internal combustion engine in your body-vehicle that is popularly called ‘metabolism’ in such a way that it burns out gunk without using a thing for a photosynthesising human experience that some call the green Tara or ecological star, like a walking talking tree. You would then understand why Rudolf with his shiny nose led Santa’s sleigh, why the Christmas cake’s cherry on top is so coveted, why a candle or diya is light in a shrine and why truelove has seemed so rare to find.

Here’s the course link:


Lets get started on Healthier Natural Breathing! Its taken forever coming into accessible existence as it is and you are the fortunate few to see this info in any recent times!..and it is premium health, wealth and wisdom at affordable price! You are onto premium richness when you sign up!

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