Studying theory and practice of family constellations originated by Bert Hellinger, I often found the birth order fascinating and the character development of the second born versus first. I’m a first-born and my brother has interesting traits that often made me wonder, even look at him queerly to see, how in the world do I interact with him, until I watched the movie, The Secret Society Of The Second-born Royals – they are a world different from the first-borns..ok he’s different from me, and I’m thankful for that; imagine having to fight for my own space if both were alike. Nature took care of the ‘uniquely individual and becoming interdependently independent’ bit. I can be as alpha, beta, gamma all the way to Zoro as I care to be..and inspire my brother to pick a few leaves from my book (of living the good life) too!

A queens gotta have her own space! {Everybody is a princess, said the movie series, The Princess Diaries..and so does Disney’s fairy tales..and princesses grow up to be Queens (duh)} Me have my own sprawling country, Terabithiya, in the middle of these layers of reality that most can’t even see coz their sense and sensibilities are shrouded in illusions from the Matrix {watch The Matrix series} and I have graduated from the University that includes The Matrix and have a MITI BayBe school to teach those who would like to graduate similarly through the bhool bhulayya of the Jantar Mantar into worthy Earthizens of al MITI.Inc (Almighty.Inc). Jumanji (the game) was another Alice-in-wonderland like creation that got people (humanity) growing through spaces otherwise not possible in evolving into humane beings the kind of which there is potential within the fantabulous design of a human body (have you looked at the design closely? It’s a masterpiece that keeps upgrading in the ‘being’ so the wearer of the bodysuit {human body} can appreciate what a marvel this creation is that they have the privilege to live in and make life better by..this is part of the material addressed in MITI BayBe school coz people have been studying the human body since eons and still haven’t figured out how to live in it!)

Course is being designed (available EarlyBird on Thankfully, I am growing up to be a Green Taara, like Mommy Earth and O’zone’ing the fabric of time and space with airs of how to become Earth over a period of time. Like mommy, like daughter.

Am I not the first-born pioneer?

Hello SE friends, Recently I read a book that involved the troubled relationship between the oldest daughter in the family and the youngest. It was …


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