Why to have a bath.

After much deliberation on the merits and demerits of posting this Article, I still tend to go with Shakespeare’s advice – ‘Do or not to do? Do if doing is better than not-doing.’ I also go by the song that says ‘Say what you need to say, say what you need to say..say what needs to be said and said again.’ So, here it is! Another of my ‘experiments with truth.’

I have been experimenting so to speak with basics, like why do we need to brush teeth every morning, why eat, why sleep, why sleep at night, what happens if you dont poop, et al. Basics. Never settling for what others have been saying why I need to do anything coz my longstanding complaint has been that ‘adults dont really know what they are saying’ and I have ample proof for what they dont know that they tote as knowing and make a lot of my life difficult somuchso that I need to end up doing what adults with a little thought could have staved with a little care for details. Humph. (umm..that was me releasing a good lot of unsaid pent-up whatnots in that one ‘humph’ so I dont volcano at an inopportune moment and be called ‘insolent’ for that!)

The following paragraph (this paragraph alone) is written at a different time from the rest of the Article, more precisely 3.5 days after my last bath(since when I began writing this Article), with better hydration at the time of writing than when writing the other paragraphs, better food and rest, just not bathed enough. There might be repetitions and overlay of contexts with some gliding over the others. I am writing this Article like an impromptu report of sorts, reporting from the mental constitution of a person who hasn’t had a bath and is prone to ‘internal stimulus'(?) nay..external stimulus..from the effect of germs on my skin influencing my nerves {given that skin and nervous system arise from the same germinal ectodermal cells) affecting my mental constitution as influencers in what I write or how I write this Article. This paragraph..this paragraph only..is written when I am 3.5 days old into ‘not bathing’ while the other paragraphs are written at 1.5 days old. One might wonder at my mental stability but then I wonder how much of our psychiatric conditions are contributed by the nervous constitution of a bath-less patient and degrees of dehydration affecting the nervous tonicity of a person than the afflictions from a distorted sense of so-called reality, which a lot of us are figuring out the ‘normalcy of sanity’ of anyways. I may be prejudiced more towards ‘things are insane/chaotic and we are all in different stages of ordering chaos into some semblance of a life from the premise that ‘life is the ordering of chaos’ so our definition of ‘normal’ is kind of influenced by homeostatic tendencies to keep it ‘all is well’ than a tumultous discomfort arising from a perception of ‘disorder’ or several ‘unknown variables’ but I leave it to the discretion of the Reader. I could NOT post this Article, of course, and ‘save my face’ for the sake of the sane representation of my persona as an original humane intelligence entrepreneur but I would not be true-to-my-conscience ‘health-facilitating’ independent journalist-cum-entrepreneur too if I did not exercise a bit of my crazy side well enough to publish an Article that needs to be read by people who need to think about sanity in terms of hitherto unthought ways so we do have better societal health from a humane perspective. People are more intelligent than the fear-based claustrophobic limits imposed by ‘specialised’ study fields keeping our humanity ‘compartmentalized’ within boundaries just as our nervous disposition figures out ways to be more open like our heart so the two are more coordinated. I am sure heart is ‘woman’ and brain ‘man’ presently, and we keep attempting to have our heart and brain talk well to each other!

Matted hair is one of the fashion accessories of Shiva. Shivites smatter their hair with stuff TO matt their hair and smear their body with ash to copy the fashion trend set forth by Shiva, who Sati and a lot of people alienated as antisocial dress code and behavior pattern. People go on vacation from their daily humdrum, and that is not a problem. A person choosing to be on permanent vacation from society is. Reminds me of the ‘Indian crab’ phenomenon where ‘you are supposed to be like everybody else; if everybody else is suffering, you are to suffer in similar circumstances too…or give me what you are doing that gets you away’ and pull at the free’dom of the person so homeostasis maintains. Pretty tenuous, if you ask me, but that’s why evolution has been on UBUNTU mode – one for all all for one; keeps the fabric of time and space going forward like a giant amoeba, so no parts are left behind and the Ocean remains a bettering Ocean. We are all family members of this huge organism called Life and that’s why a leader has dual responsibility – to be the path-carving driver and the watch-your-behind conductor of the millipede that is the great grand snake called Kaa. Like in The Jungle Book, Mogli cannot get eaten by Kaa nor can Kaa be left alone in any so manner coz we are inside her and she is inside us as kundalini. Microcosm and macrocosm are very organically connected. Lucky us; it keeps us together.

Now to get our hearts together – bath. CERN pelting particles is violence against the substance of a particle. Pelted stuff leave a dent on the particles’ surface, forming like craters on the moon. It denatures the substance of the particles so the next time they pummel the same surface, they get not the same sounds. Bathing is important so our body pummelled with the electromagnetic whatnots from people’s unwashed tissues and unhealed violences because of which they tend to push-pull at other’s stuff in their survival-of-the-fittest legalised domestic ‘nonviolence’ does not have our body material get suboptimal coz a long time of that and our body begins to become dis-eased. Microbiome that forms on the skin surface when not regularly washed remembers these pummelled experiences and retraumatizes our nervous system with the memory of the pummelling long after the pommeling is over by that person for that moment in the day. A 24-hour long day has many moments with many people a person interacts with. A celebrity is a work of admiration, especially one who can keep their stuff together with controversial positioning in the schema of their arena of Work.

Bathing washes some of the germs away so the germs do not retraumatize with what happened in the last 2 or 3 meetings while you are now having a meal alone and may be being pummelled with what happened in the first meeting alongside what happened in your previous lifetime if you haven’t done Nirbeeja Yoga®️ and your tissues are remembering not-so-nice stuff from your previous umpteen or howsomany lifetimes you have lived. In the company of such difficult thoughts/emotions, food might get less optimally digested. This is perhaps those instances when people have a bloaty feeling or acidity or more ‘aama’ precipitates that needs detoxification for restoring health in the body.

Like a tree bark, new layers of tissue emerge from the subcutaneous to guard the frontline and as the day goes into the next, sweat and other bodily fluids make a nice place for germs to hang around and contemplate on life from this lofty position. They offer quite a few insights, thoughts, experiences, surfaces to bounce off of and reflect upon life as you move through the different environs, eating, drinking, sleeping, reading, creating stuff the quality of which depends on who you teammates are. I like germs too; meaning, I dont have an aversion to them. They are like my security system with CCTV facilities of sorts; they tell me who has been in my space since the last time I did Nirbeeja Yoga®️ to clean/shuddhify my essence. They hold energy signature of how people have been relating to me. Kinda like cleaning your room and then depending on what things are found on a second clean discerning what has been happening in the room.

They are lifeforms with a unique ecosystem of their own. When mindful, Nirbeeja Yoga®️ style, wowered with meristematic diet, flora and fauna on the different surfaces of my body keep getting healthier. Things get interesting when my nervous system gets ladden with germs who have had a particularly heavy dose of external pummelling, and all this pummelling is without even contact with another person or thing or anything that would be called ‘violent’ because people are sparking particles off their body from the different kinds of stimulants not really conducive to the health of our human body make. Nerves fraught with tension they cannot contain and are firing away at the next unsuspecting listener or muscle tension ready to fight/flight/freeze at the next trigger, blood laden with past life experiences managing to flow through the veins and arteries depending on what goes into the body to keep them fluid. Bath makes the body light so the skin can flower up from the hitherto subdued happitude and gaze afresh from the beds of the body out into the horizons and pick another song or hue or movement to create another weave.

Bath is good, like an occasional new dress for my kind of biodynamic researcher at the periodic cycling of data collection required to test validity and relevance of treatment at different stages of this no-thing based organic therapeutic inquiry into life. I also think too much ‘sanitisation’ like germs are bad and gives you the allergy kind of aversion also has a person be open TO get an infection because they have excluded the opportunities that germs bring into their life. ‘Intolerance’ may be a symptom of ‘allergy’ to dirt or dust or ‘sanitized surfaces’ like if a person only drinks organic mineral water 24/7, eating amongst common people or being in ‘unclean’ public places may give them an allergy coz their immune system is so weak and unfamiliar with ‘variety.’ In terms of Nirbeeja Yoga®️, tolerance to dirt, sweat, gooey smelly crap would be part of the 41 langhanams required to have samasthithi where you could lose your composure if in the presence of something unpleasant or unfamiliar to your particular ‘level’ of cleanliness. Once a person sufficiently goes beyond the ‘must’ and ‘should’ of a bath and ‘mandates of hygiene,’ the person is freer to choose better but not go icky if something less than optimal shows up. And, then, performance can be upped with a regular bath to have up-to-date skin news with all kinds of sources informing a person on what it takes to be healthy, wealthy and wise in an evolutionarily wholesomizing manner; everybody becomes a teacher and you free enough to be a student without kow-towing to anybody who claims to be a teacher, where anybody becomes a ‘guilty until proven innocent’ candidate into ‘teaching’ you where your discretion determines if the crap that comes out of a person’s mouth is worth being called ‘teaching,’ so studentship is not another word for slavery. This, of course, places the onus of ‘learning’ on the student, not on parents or teachers or system or anything. Germs can make a person out of a copy-pasting/roting bot of a somebody {I was thinking ‘sorry excuse of a human’ but more the fact is ‘work-in-progress/yet-to-cover-developmental-milestones human.’ We got a lot of them in that category}.

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That’s how I wrote this Article. Sane science, this conscience of Meristem Intelligence®️, don’t you see?

(I am going to go have my bath now and see if later I would write an addendum to this one from fresher skin coz right now I have a Lott of hands and legs writing this Article with me informing my nerves from my skin on what to write. It is like writing with a lot of kids pulling on your fabric having you think a thought or two you never otherwise would have. Having a bath is not necessarily going to wash the ‘kids’ away, only won’t be traumatised with what did not got well tensioning the thought lines of what could go well, thereby unnecessarily creating a drag or resistance to the flow or stream of consciousness, but recording this viscosity and its effects on fluid intelligence is important coz some of our concreted intellect may be coming from our nerves not having sufficient bath in cleaner CSF, which Nirbeeja Yoga®️ helps clean so an Article such as this can be dared written from this ‘fresh’ perspective.)

{This Article is written by a person weighing 69.4 kgs with about 2.5 glasses of water hydration through this day, at 12:45 noontime, with a light breakfast of a paratha with ghee, without having a bath since 1.5 days, just for the records.)

Self-study (Swadhyaya vs svadhyaya)

Swadhyaya and svadhyaya are two different concepts. The difference is w and v. The difference further is that w is double u, while v is double u’s encrypted into v and keeping it together at a common point such that there are two u’s (you’s) pivoting around one point of #truelove. The point is like the Siamese twins joined at the hips in #truelove.

In terms of Meristem Intelligence®️, like our logo MITI BayBe, it’s dwaitha in Advaitha mode, where the v of Advaitha keeps the w of dwaitha in two-in-one mode, like Ardhanareeswarar holds the whole world within the Nature-Nurture combo of a kushmanda that is popularly called Humpty-Dumpty. Like also the image of a heart has two halves held together in the shape of a whole heart.

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We got the wealth of options to earn the gift of grace by doing the right things.

Ishvarapranidaana and ishvarapranidhana are two different forms of each other. We may have englishified samskritum to ‘ishvarapranidana’ while the ‘dana’ bit may have always contained ‘daana’ and ‘dhana.’ It may have been Intelligent Design/Providence that had someone translate it to ‘dana’ so someone at the right time could decipher the ambiguity, and a new stream of thoughtlines emerge about our interpretation and relationship with language.

‘Daana,’ by the way, alludes to ‘providentially given or gifted’ and ‘dhana’ alludes to ‘providentially wealthed or gifted.’ The nature of daana is perhaps more software and dhana more hardware but, of course, both are interchangeable and still remains two different forms of relative same, like time and space.


The value of silence is under appreciated usually. Try listening for the stillness of silence sometimes. In that silence would be heard the many voices you are refusing to hear that’s part of your world (through karma) that may subconsciously unconsciously be infectiously affecting your space, entangling your ability to simply be, and distressing your definition of ‘being you’ or ‘being human.’ Positive affirmation does not change that. Unless the precipitates from experiences of living (karma) is cleaned {as is possible through Nirbeeja Yoga®️ to arrive at still SoundsOfSilence (Mookaambika raaga)}, positive affirmations in the absence of the still SoundsOfSilence are like putting cream on dirt pile and calling it cake.

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Aham Brahmasmi vs Aham Bramhaasmi

‘Aham Brahmasmi’ has a problem: when said as ‘aHam bramHaasmi’ versus ‘aham brahmasmi.’ Two parts to the problem: one is the sound ‘ha’ when pronounced as ‘Ha’ (like woohaahaahaahaa sur or asur altitude/platitude-laden heavenitude or hellitude) and the other is when the meaning is misinterpreted. Aham is like la ilaaha (nothing or ‘who is present invisibly’), brahma is the ‘creator out of nothing’(as in ‘immaculate conception’) and asmi is the fire/light of love within that has a person be alive (like the diya or candle lit in a place of worship to remind a person of the brahmasmi/illallah within). It’s in the pronunciation that the appreciation of this basic essential verse is. When we make it sooo big, raja yoga becomes raaja yoga, and we forget the difference between sanatana dharma (being human) and sanitising dharma (becoming human, where ‘being human’ is not a birthright but an acknowledgement earned through right conduct through application of aham brahmasmi/la ilaaha illaallah).

Time for leveling up in what it means to be human. After all, the original intelligence that is human made artificial intelligence so the #NewNormal needs to at least include bettering our potential through a recap of the achievements of human history, such as the verse ‘aham brahmasmi.’🙂🏳️

Love ‘me’ all up!

A good nice self-hug three times a day keeps bhoot, praeth, pishaach finding their respective places in the grand schema of things and gods and goddesses in their respective places in the grand schema of things.

Sanatana dharma becomes easy to understand once the home of the jeevaathma is loved, cherished and well taken care of by the person whose body homes the life lived by.

Three-times-a-day self-hug and snuggling into the warmth and softness of one’s own body. That’s self-love.


Sadgati is ‘good/rightful pace.’ Wishing someone on their demise a sadgati is better than ‘RIP’ but it is more important that the person wishing someone sadgati has sadgati in their life while they are alive. When the circadian rhythms in one’s body is synchronised such that their heart, mind, soul is functioning together, that’s when the time and space factors in their body is coordinated, not ‘relative to each other,’ and that’s when there is Advaitha of time and space by how their body functions – synchronised – like a clock. Sadgati. Sign up for Nirbeeja Yoga®️(Rs.1501 for one individual session; Rs.375.25 per class if signing up for 4 classes, i.e. Rs.1501 for 4 classes plus bonuses if signing up from blog.dynamicstillnesses.com). Wower up! New is here!

Advaitha and truelove

Advaitha is simple: mind and heart being inseparate where the whole body is functioning as the cardiac muscle complex (voluntary and involuntary involuntary muscles coordinating cooperatively as one unit) so the body becomes ‘heart’ and ‘mind’ the life one lives functioning like the ‘heart’ – together, cooperatively, coordinated and synchronised, like a waltz. Like you, life, love and self are I inseparate. Try Nirbeeja Yoga®️. I am developing an online Course for Beginners (https://meristem-intelligence.teachable.com/purchase?product_id=4074860). There are a few Lectures already developed. Do take a look.

MI Story and MyStory

My forest of life is rife with many stories and characters. I call my World, Terabithiya. It is the world as I experience it from the simple fact of having a body from which to experience life and the whole wealth of life in the schema they are arranged in there for me to take care of by the fact of my placement in the schema of things doing what I am doing from my station in life. It spans my internal and external worlds that I need to keep together so I have just one life that I am living. Having it function as my Garden of Life is what living is about, from what I have come to understand over the years, so the animals in the forest of my life are safely growing up into adult well-behaved humans over time.

It is also a world I have authored by the choices I have made through the course of my lifetime, and is there for me to better by the choices I now have the privilege to make by the fact of my presence in the schema of things that is life in this lifetime at this point in time. I, hence, am the President of my Country Terabithiya and need to make important decisions by which my Country is all safe and healthy, wealthy, wise and healthier, wealthier, wisening by the day and night so I have truly my Garden of Eden as has been told in the Book of Genesis is the lot of people who does the right things consistent with their conscience (ishvarapranidana and ishvarapranidhana by truelove). So, I am thinking of starting a new Chapter this season (my podcast is on the next-new-Season phase, so I am taking that as a cue/opportunity) through MyStoryProject blurbs. I get to write more often, practice precise writing, fill it up with all kinds of what-I-want-tos and make a point. I am to learn the responsibility there is in Publishing, and realise the opportunity there is in doing a thing, everything, the right way where the best is made by showing up on a surface moment after moment after moment as you perfect the art of writing.

So, I am going to be on this WordPress surface, on this blog.dynamicstillnesses.com surface, more often stamping out my crazy into sane better-be-read/heard/seen thingummies so they leave a mark or two in the sands of time that helps humanity slide through buoyed by these thingummies into a safer, healthier, wealthier, wiser tomorrow’s new dawn. A life less ordinary has benefits too in the schema of things. One word at a time, one breath at a time, one moment at a time.

Darkness for contemplation

Dosa batter kept overnight ferments with a quality that is different from when kept for fermentation during the day. Water kept in an earthen pot overnight tastes better. Sleep over a concern and you are likely to wake up with a solution or some semblance of it. ‘Overnight’ imbues something into our life systems that bears anatomic and physiologic appreciation. These are human observations made by the faculties available to human bodily constitution, which formed over millions of years of human evolution. Detailed mass communication codified with specifics peculiar to a particular sound-system (language) is an evolutionary advancement in the human species from which observation and interpretation of phenomena makes available details otherwise not possible. This, in other words, is an attempt to say that we, each, need to speak up what we see of life around us, how we interpret what we perceive through our sensory faculties, for though we have a human body in common, our compositional make is different and hence unique to each individual.

The amount of values/information missed because we do not consider an individual as important as the collective, and do not pay as much attention to a person as much as our interest in the ‘average’ or overall bandwidth of ‘normal’ ‘health’ based on function or functionality speaks for our focus on quantity over reasonable quality.

The fabric of time and space has been healing as several attempts continue to be made by one and more factions to ‘generally’ take care of things so more people on an ‘average’ are alive while further attempts are being made towards ‘societal civilization’ without losing ancestral values. Between our ‘survival of the fittest’ and fight against nature to keep things alive, we may be missing out on some obvious points by which we could work ‘with’ nature so a balance strikes between us and ‘them,’ where ‘them’ is the unknown whatnots out there that are trying to get us and against whom we must ‘fight’ to stay alive. Maybe we just have too much ‘light’ time as we tend to turn on fluorescent lights after sunset and do not know how much our physiology may be missing out on the opportunity afforded by nature in the darkness of night for rest. Rest affords our physiology the opportunity for the element of ‘space’ in our body to get rest, and when ‘space’ rests sufficiently, the organic computers that is also our body defragments and spruces up better. With ‘space’ better sorted out, details we could not hitherto pay attention can now be seen and issues better appreciated in arriving at solutions.

If only, like crows and several other-than-human organisms, we would turn down the lights, have an early dinner so our physiology can settle in better to appreciate what sun-down time affords our life systems. Maybe, then, humans wouldn’t age so fast due to the stress involved in fighting against nature sometimes all the time. Maybe a little natural rest afforded by reduced light after sunset would help our body rejuvenate enough and work with nature, nurturing our own ‘nature’ alongside. Wouldn’t that be humane?