Meristematic diet – part2

I gave up non-vegetarian diet, and that only includes egg, meat, fish, not milk or milk products, which I dont think is non-vegetarian. {I think vegan diet is cruel because they have so much ‘not this’ in their thought process that I feel excluded; maybe I am yeast or some element of life that is essential for life that vegans dont get to partake by rejection, or maybe that was just the case for the one human I interacted with who was stoically vegan}. Nevertheless, I have progressively been getting inflamed, like CERN pelting by the particles from non-veg dieters, who are like present all around me and eat all kinds of things. Their particles pelt against the surfaces that is mine and starting in the morning, my particles are on askance of processed food, non-veg stuff, like I should be eating them. I guess it is the remaining gut flora bounced off by particles from the non-veg dieters’ having me reach out for their kind of stuff. I am ‘starving’ {yogic term for langhanam as per Ekam people, which I think means ‘going beyond’ and not ‘starving’} my proclivities for violence by changing what goes into my tissues. My perceptibilities have been fine’izing since I shifted into R&D of meristematic diet and what I could see of the world has been getting quite spin’y – I might have a spin theory of some sort forming somewhere that I might already be loudly talking about on social media (Moj app profile ID: @meristemintelligence). I kind of went off tea or coffee {stimulants} after re-viewing the video on Seifritz take on protoplasm and my tissues got further pelted because I am continuing to do Nirbeeja Yoga®️ and my tissues are spinning less due to even further reduced nonreactive tissue composition from the tea-less, coffee-less exploration into meristematic diet and I am more time-conscious, like my circadian rhythm(?) is more paying attention to my habitual spins {like molecules in my household have been spinning at certain frequencies creating a certain ‘memory palace’ if that is a word from my bumming around here more often these days and I am more tuned to pelting happening of my nerves. More reason to practice Nirbeeja Yoga®️ at nerve level but I tea’d today and I am leaking out of my fluids a bit more than if I hadn’t {tea’d} and so much more reactive {dissociated from the degree of integrity I have been observing, now more effortlessly with the meristematic diet than when I was nonveg’ing, which is just so conducive to my line of work – healing the fabric of time and space for better health, wealth and wisdom. I got lot of babies growing around me who are checking quite regularly on how is their future world shaping up and how much I care about doing the right thing; they do that with every adult and it is about who has the wherewithal enough to facilitate for the kind of grounds they are looking for to prance about in} that I am writing this Article, kinda vomiting words on ‘paper’ from the amount of leaking I am having from my fluids by the 1.5 cups of tea I have dared to risk drinking {for recheck on why ‘no tea or coffee’ just in case I was deluded into thinking giving them up made a difference in my work}. I am chagrined but I have a trampolinable reason for why not to. That was an expensive 1.5 cups of tea.

If you consider that people have non-veg diet and all kinds of stimulants and just giving them up would have other uses for their existence, our palatial family bungalow would have a lot of flora and fauna populating our grounds, if you care enough to be #EarthFamily, that is.

Saint? Holy crap!

I read Paulo Coelho’s Brida and in it was mentioned 4 rings as mentioned in the Bible available to choose from in leading a transformative life – the way of the martyr, the way of the virgin, the way of the saint, the way of the witch. I read a book like I eat food – I chew the matter where appropriate, wolf it down without bothering to chew at some points, glance at the matter at some points and return to it every now and then at some points (I am kind of quoting the words of another author who had mentioned something to the effect that I had read in passing at some point in my believe-it-or-not crash course into life – like Life was in a hurry to get me up to speed or something, for I always had ‘some Work to complete’ and I did not know what it was so I had to figure out what may be the ‘Work’ that I needed to complete; I came to nth way by the number of answers I received that I think Nirbeeja Yoga®️ is kalaripayattu without moving a muscle and it turns out kalaripayattu means ‘on-the-field practice or on-the-job training.

(The above paragraph may make your intellect spin because of the different contexts visited within the span of a few sentences so in the interest of preserving such a sentence that got created preserved as such for artistic appreciation, it is recommended to bite one or two words at a time or more as able to be handled. You will complete the making-sense-of-it part but meanwhile your intellect would have gotten intelligenter, like ‘if you go into water you are likely to get wet in some way’ format {caution: choose what experiences you put your mind, body, spirit, consciousness through and clean them regularly for maintenance of health.})

The point of the first paragraph is: I kinda went back and forth on each of the 4 options and chose ‘healer,’ like Harry Potter at the Sorting Hat Ceremony had the choice of choosing which team he wanted to be a part of with the available freewill he had per Intelligent Design (read, the Theory of Intelligent Design). Turns out a Jhulelal or Alibaba was due coming into existence and I ‘happen’ to do the right thing by which the pathway got into activation. It turns out the healer has to go through all the other rings to become one. I had no problem as long as I became one; the kind of crap that was going the rounds with people dealing with the same problems over and over and over and not getting bored with it was disgustingly unbelievable. Given how worthless I was feeling at the time wondering what I was doing in the schema of things, I thought I might as well work on the root cause of it all.

In going through the available bits of info on each of the four in the path of becoming a healer, I found the saint quite odd and insufficient – benign smile and monochromatic dress out of all the available choice of rainbow colors and calling it freedom; I chose and choose the rainbow colors and every other colour not mentioned in the rainbow and beyond so I am not missing out on anything. ‘All I want is everything’ and I got nothing to handle! It turns out a humane being was in the making and I happen to take the lead by choice that I did not know was inadvertently advertent in the sense that someone had to do it {be the fish that jumps to land and start the terrestrial line of lifeforms} and I was just hanging around reading this and that and making a meaningful life with this one good opportunity I have and thought I might as well make the most of it for both investors and invested alike; afterall its my life and I refuse to be just dragged about anyhow!

As I sat, stood, walked, slept, and poised in different available positions to contemplate about this and that that Hatha Yoga practitioners would probably call asanas though I didn’t go to those levels, quite interesting postures but good for people who are learning/training in becoming a contortionist for acrobatic prowess. Me? I am more interested in humane beings and normal, ordinary living experiences that uses least effort and maximum result. I got this one life and want to make the most of it! No time for exercise-specific routine that does not wower what I already have, so I poop out {crap out} products of contemplation regularly, like an earthworm would {only I chewed different ‘products’ of violence in my body until they were more nonviolent depending on what went into my body} until my body became less non-vegetarian, and I kind of recognised with the idea of the Saintess of the Holy Healers’ Community {as represented in Ashes of Love tele series}. Its kinda like I started from a non-vegetarian dieted family and then pooped out products of contemplation after digesting the non-vegetarian stuff and turned out saint’ish. Holy crap of earthwormish scale! I happen to hail from Bharath Earth Movers Limited (BEML) so I guess some bit of the earthworminess got thought-streamed into my psyche from where I have been.

Saint? Humane being. That’s what! You have an issue with becoming a saint? You dont have to wear that monochromatic dress and benign smile, and can dance and sing and celebrate life after the fact of becoming a tree who is well rooted in the soil like it is nobody else’s business. I pull the heaven and hell together, sanitise the heaven out of heaven and hell out of hell so all rain as good nice water on Earth as home for humane beings. That’s why I have a body that is human. Whoever said nonviolence is powerless? I am so nonviolent, am chewing up the miles in what I need to accomplish across time and space without even moving a muscle and got identified with Jin mi in Ashes of Love where she was being the Saintess of the Holy Healer’s Community. When you go limitless, for which you need to become wholesomely zero, you begin the journey from 1 to 9 and back again from 0 and then you stop counting, and that is when you go limitless. {I figured that Jin mi in that tele series, available on YouTube, should have continued the training in being a Healer Saintess, in which case the whole war between the realms wouldn’t have happened, and that’s why I heal the fabric of time and space, like it is no man’s business!}.

Meristematic diet

The human body has taken millions of years of evolution in forming into the structure where the whole organism with a vertically stacked spine is postured on 2 feet with a head located on top of the vertically stacked spine against the forces of gravity, arms placed to the sides with downward facing palms in the direction of gravity and moveable forward at the shoulders to 70 to 90 degrees, wrists that can be rotated 180 degrees, eyes facing forward and tail tucked inside the skin frame and still able to maintain the upright posture balanced as such against gravity. Our human body functions upright and moves in many directions too and all this on the electrical circuitry centralized in the brain placed inside the skull that is stacked atop a slender neck. Quite a marvel in and of itself, you can appreciate the fine engineering that is gone into forming the body that is human. Our body is prone to inflammation due to the upright posture against gravity. Like some plants that get injured exude a milky latex, our tissues internally exude products of inflammation, which then combine with biochemical precipitates from our everyday experiences of living and reform the tissues of our body layering upon the previous inflammatory products. We would be dying a slow death if we do not maintain the health of our body, especially if we eat food that further inflames our issues. Stimulants break the tissue integrity and leaks us out of our tissues causing hallucinations and other sensory distortions which our nerves pickup on and inform our brain as information causing a distorted picture of reality that is more signals of pain, distress and mistrust because our muscles and blood are bathed in biochemical precipitates from compounded inflammatory products where our nerves internally pick up ‘health’ status and inform the brain a difficult picture of our internal space due to which a lot of people find it easier to indulge in external activities than be in the body where dukha or heavy stuff that includes but is not limited to sexual urges, painful memories, agonizing relationship and self-esteem issues await that some call as the river of unmindfulness within our body as well as outside the proof of which is the list of diseases and occasional warring tendencies between our personal and interpersonal boundaries.

Meristematic diet is a means to eat such that what we intake helps heal inflammation and also prevents further inflammation of tissues so our body is gradually alkalanizing, than maintaining acidic composition, which tends to maintain violated constructs of reality further making it difficult for us to experience truelove, silence, stillness or happiness in a way that allows us to create worlds sustainable on Earth by future generations. Earth seems to be insufficient in such inflammated internal constitutions while the fact is that several generations of humans have lived and continue to live on this same Earth, like a sprawling ancestral palatial household that has been lived in for many generations. Earth is the only planet thus far that we know supports life, and we are still looking for a planet that supports life after several decades of search, which indicates that our perceptions are distorted due to which we seek life outside Earth and so also habitable planet outside Earth while exploiting/abusing/polluting what is already on Earth and deeming what is on Earth as insufficient to the point of creating boundaries and rationing goods between living beings on Earth over money concerns because of how the economy is structured!

Our human body offers a better model of economy with its cooperative organ systems and skin that demarcates one cell from an organ and also having a boundary between humans that functions based on care and kindness for sustainable coexistence.

Healing the inflammation within is important and it cannot be with inorganic substances because they are once or twice removed from what is naturally innate to the body. Even a biodegradable stent in the body is a foreign object that has been made to be compatible inside the body until the injury heals but is always an artificial part of the body even though a lookalike. Our Ford mentality of mass producing similar things and clones creates identity issues for starters and people tend to prefer the rare car model than one that a lot of people have because the popular cars are like clones. Each of us is a rare, unique specimen, like a computer created for specific function in the schema of things and we tend to copy others and violate other’s creations because of the inflammation within our body and outside in our interpersonal economics and also ecologies.

The following is what a meristematic diet looks like and includes the logic behind this diet type:

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Needless to say, but meristematic diet is about intaking sufficiently so a person can be a good water purification system as part of the ecology that is life by the fact of a person being at least 70% water and so drinking sufficient water is important for the output to be purer so the droplet of water that a person is in the Ocean of Consciousness maintains clean conscience circulating for a healthy ecology.


‘You give but little when you give of your things; it is when you give of yourself that you truly give’ ~ Khalil Gibran

Growing up, I used to have mighty concerns with the word ‘sacrifice.’ I used to think, especially parents, ‘sacrificed’ so much for children and burden children with their expectation because they sacrificed, which the children did not ask for to begin with, and the society overloads the emphasis on taking care of parents because they sacrifice so much somuchso that children can never repay the debt owed to parents.

I did not understand ‘sacrifice.’ I would often think sacrifice is like the offering into the sacred fire during a havan. You dont expect to get anything out of it but what you put into it, or rather the products from what you put into it; that it is like an investment plan – what you sow so do you reap. I was observing the curious behavior {weird, I thought} about the meaning of this word between dictionary and colloquial understanding, and people’s attitudes to the dynamics around this word. Quite a current {and currency}, I thought, but like money quite misunderstood and misemployed too, I thought.

Today, I was contemplating about giving up tea and coffee because I tend to leak out of my ‘slime mold’ basic lifeform existential reality that also forms part of my {everybody’s} body composition. {Click link to watch an amazing world within our own biological makeup that would humble our intellectual arrogance:}. I have been studying inflammation since some time and have an EarlyBird offer on an online Course I am developing to have a noninflammatory presence Part of the work involved in creating the Course is R&D to see what works and what would better the outcomes from having a noninflammatory presence using nothing. I tend to think warm water with lemon and honey has beneficial affects but the outcomes also involves not consuming inflammatory agents so I am not damaging the benefits on one end while working on bettering the outcomes on another. I thought of the word ‘sacrifice’ again and re-membered my earlier deviation from how this word is commonly perceived. I thought it better to write about it should it inspire a dialogue about sacrifice as mindful investment in a ‘what goes around comes around’ meets ‘you reap what you sow’ prudence-inspiring red-flagger. The Bhagavat Geeta talks about it as ‘do the right thing prudently without concern for the result’ {approx translation of karmanye vaadikaaraste maa phaleshu kadaachana}.

Giving expecting a return on investment or claiming a credit is not an offering/service {seva} but business as usual. Even ‘not claiming a credit’ is claiming a credit by not claiming it – by thinking about the return on investment from ‘not claiming it’ by the above logic, me thinks. In other words, the surrender to the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of the action would be incomplete and hence liberation from the bondage of karma is incomplete because you have not invested more than what the karma requires to balance the debt. That is, you haven’t gone the extra mile in doing the peace’ifying right thing.

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You sacredise a journey by paying a premium in faith based on your conscience as investment so you kind of invest an aspect of you into the undertaking.

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What else is sacrifice? I wonder.

‘Cultivation’ for truelove

Contemplation in terms of Nirbeeja Yoga®️ probably equates the Chinese idea of ‘cultivation’ (ref: tele series, Ashes of Love). The difference in terms of Meristem Intelligence®️ and Nirbeeja Yoga®️ is that ‘cultivation’ or ‘contemplation’ is for developing nonviolence or in other words for de-violating the body of deviations from healthy conscience; in other words, healing the devil (deviation from harmony) of its misery because of which it cannot be home and participating in maintaining #truelove for #humanityacrossboundaries.

Said another way, Nirbeeja Yoga®️ is about maintaining #truelove between the sheets of the skin where love is the medicine that heals wounds caused across known and unknown time and space (ref: ‘Time heals wounds that couldn’t heal otherwise.’). Some wounds are a few moments old, some have been etched in the fabric of the soul across lifetimes, some are a few years old, so each takes its own time healing but heal they do with the medicine that is #truelove.

It seems that historically our idea of truelove has been influenced by, lets say, HaTha or dwaitha perspectives where polarities have defined what words mean, including the meaning of ‘love’ in a dual ’cause-and-effect’ perspective. For practical purposes, we could call historical (as referenced across history until this point in time) as Shiva’s perspective of what truelove is and MI World’s perspective as Parvathi/Parvathi’s perspective of truelove. This may perhaps demarcate in a distinct contrast between what has been and what could be from the novelty of perspective brought forth by Meristem Intelligence®️.

Maybe the lockdowns since 2020 has opened up opportunities for turning the tide on what has hitherto been conceived as ‘normal’ ‘ordinary’ or ‘living.’

For an imagery, Nirbeeja Yoga®️ is like a continuous distil column that is used to make vodka, the body of a person being like a continuous distil column. The difference is that unlike making vodka, in Nirbeeja Yoga®️, even the spirit that makes vodka vodka is distilled out so only clean water remains as the elixir of life by clear conscience. Mythology has the image of Shiva with Ganga pouring out of his topknot without even moving a muscle. I am guessing he is doing Nirbeeja Yoga®️. In terms of biology, choroid plexus trickles CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) into the third ventricle, which could be equated to Ganga when health of the body is maintained nonviolently (using no thing, such as when ‘yoga’ is really happening) such that the waters are detoxifying, decontaminating, detraumatizing like when Paarvathi prevented poison during Samudra Mathan from poisoning Shiva’s body (ref: story how Neelakanta formed) so that the most important outcome from the Samudra Manthan (read, daily churnings/grind in the course of activities of daily living) is clean clear pure conscience such that food, water, fun, work, cleanliness and rest are all guilt free, effulgent with scintillating octaves that a lot of people call music and dance. Shamans are said to ask amongst the first questions upon a visit to one, apparently, this question “When is the last time you sang? When is the last time you danced?”

Maybe Nirbeeja Yoga®️ offers a new way to sing and dance without even having to move a muscle, and then of course the muscle-moved song and dance and contortionisms will continue to be safe, sane, and #humanityacrossboundaries enhancing so that WHO also has a list of how to not have the list of diseases.

Echo and Narcissus, and Advaithic truelove

The story of Echo and Narcissus apparently originates from Ovid’s Metamorphoses. {Here’s a wikipedia link to a document} It has elements of love and romance, and sadness, but within the folds of the story is a conundrum that just about everyone faces in everyday living and in the condition of being human.

I could write this Article all kool and sassy, yo!, but narcissism is also a personality trait that psychologists and behaviouralogists have some trouble with, coz they {we} tend to see everything from the lens of ‘patients’ or ‘problem’ when some selfishness or selflessness..or anything related to ‘self’ kinda shows up, coz spiritual enthusiasts made ‘self’ a sort of woo-woo concept that a lot of people have a difficulty grappling sufficiently with. {I am trying to get my head around calmly enough to deal with this vague topic that is vaguely understood and gets most people scatterbrained more easily than be centered enough to see a solution for existential concerns in it because it is insufficiently appreciated as the solution for a problem in it, so kindly bear the ‘seriousness’ I have in the tone of this Article}.

I have seen trailers of the Matrix Resurrections and one of the scenes depicts Neo walking through the mirror into an alternative/parallel/transcendental world. I haven’t seen the whole thing so I have only a peek-a-boo perspective but the movie, Turning Red, also has the girls at puberty having their Red Pandas walk through the mirror, and here (in the story of Echo and Narcissus), we have Narcissus in love with his own a sort of mirror?

Everyday, we at least look at our reflection in the mirror, even if just in passing, unless of course you hate yourself so much that you distinctly keep mirrors out of your sight lest it scare the bejesus out of you for showing you what you don’t want to see of yourself.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarf’s ‘Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all’ has a point, a poignant one if only we could go beyond the ‘witch wicked lady/queen/stepmother’ bit and appreciate the depiction with an appreciative eye tinged with a bit of tolerance for the apparently unpalatable; maybe there is something attempting to be told but cannot be without it being clothed in a story that is not all ‘fair maiden’ beautiful but a little ‘dark maiden’ discomfort, like the dark skinned ‘niggers’ may have been inciting a discrimination due to color preference or due to a limited framework from which ‘beauty’ is appreciated.

The idea of Ha-Tha yoga invites appreciation of both sides of the coin – the pros and cons {provideds and conditionals} of both sides. Both sides, like the idea of ‘God’ and ‘Devil/Satan in the Book of Genesis, has two sides to each of their character, for example ‘God’ appointed a cherub to guard the Tree of Life to prevent anyone from going to it. I am thinking this ‘God’ had an issue with his/her mother or father or both or thought himself/herself to be bigger than the Tree of Life that he/she needed to protect the Tree, like a child parenting the parent while banishing the people of the Garden of Eden from it. I often wonder who is the Devil in the story – the one who asked Eve to eat from the Tree of Wisdom and wisen up or the one who prevented them from eating from the Tree of Wisdom? Every time I read that Story, I think, God and Satan whosoever is the Devil, both need growing up. That, of course, would make me someone who ate from the Tree of Wisdom and climbed the Tree of Life and came back with the Bean as the fruit of the Stalk that Jack planted {of Jack and the Bean Stalk lore where he got scared enough from the beings atop the Stalk that he had to cut down the Stalk, apparently, in that story} and am now on the job of sanitising the ground of being and becoming, like Moana did after returning back to her island after restoring Te Fiti’s heart. Clearly, I am the proprietor of Meristem Intelligence®️ for paving new grounds in what it means to be human.

That aside, Narcissus, unlike most people who looks at themselves in the mirror, loves what he sees in the reflection somuchso that he rejects even Echo who happens to be cursed to only repeat the last few words spoken by anybody, so essentially Narcussus rejected her for not having anything else to speak than just parroting his own last few words. ‘Yes men’ come to mind who work-in-progress leaders love to have around to laud their own deflated ego, is what I think, to maintain their superiority complex. They dont seem to tire of ‘echo’ but then they may not have a ‘reflective’ mirror, like the witch stepmother of Snow White fame had {but we all do have a mirror to reflect off of in our own homes, if only we knew the beauty there is in seeing what we want to see and also what we dont want to see of ourselves every time we look in the mirror; maybe that will save a lot of cosmetic expenses but ‘society’ we keep company around may change due to ‘makeup’ discrimination (This YouTube video has some food-for-thought on the matter of makeup discrimination

Back to Narcissus, contrast his trapped love for his own reflection in the water of the lake with Pi’s gazing into Mr.Parker {the tiger of Life of Pi} fame where Pi says ‘I saw a reflection of me in his eyes but also something more than just me’ {approx}.

Echo provided an audio reference for Narcissus to reflect on his words because she echoed back the last of his words to him, which he lost interest in after a while and instead found more interest in reflecting upon himself in the waters of the lake somuchso that he excluded everything else and died pining for what he could not have because he didn’t know that the person in the lake’s reflection is himself. He had no point of reference by which to recognise that that person in the reflection is himself.

In Malayalam, there is a saying ‘chengaadi nannaayaal kannaadi venda,’ meaning ‘if you have a good companion, you don’t need a mirror.’

In Advaitha, like represented by the ardhanareeshwar of Shiva and Parvati where Parvati is within the body of Shiva detoxifying his throat from the poisons exuded by sheshnaag during Samudra Manthan somuchso that the elixir of life as Ganga flows from Shiva’s head purifying the sins of those who dip in the waters of the River of Life {that is probably represented by the practice of baptism in the christian way of living or by zamzam in the islamic/muslim way of living}, Parvati is Shiva’s companion and Shiva Parvati’s. One is not greater than the other but a complementary partner. She has female equipment and he has male equipment. Female equipment cannot do male equipment things and that’s why we have Ha-Tha yoga to keep both equipment functioning together so that you versus me pow-wow does not happen in the male versus female dynasty. In other words, to keep Nature and Nurture functioning cooperatively together so that ecological issues do not arise with global warming or ice age, both need to keep it together. ‘And’ is a better operational word than ‘either/or’ or ‘versus’ so that ‘I Love You’ does not mean ‘I versus You.’ Eleven (11) is a good representative number for walking on two legs where one leg is as important as the other for maintaining morphological balance and functional coexistence. Vedic numerologists call Eleven ‘Ekadasi.’ The movie, Ocean’s Eleven, has reference to what happens when commonsense is not maintained well enough in nonviolence for intercontinental wellbeing for #humanityacrossboundaries.

Narcissus may have been in love with his complementary partner who is present in ‘complementary signature form’ within his own bodily make but he does not know himself well enough to recognise which is his, let alone know which is his complementary partner’s. Moreover, Echo may have been his complementary partner for she loved him but was cursed to only parrot what anybody said, of which Narcissus also happened to be a voice she parroted. The spell would have been broken if she recognised her own voice from that of other’s {in other words, if she knew her mouth from her anus or her ass from a hole in the ground, which most people who do not understand ‘discernment’ have a difficulty re’cognizing and that is why education such as that provided by Meristem Intelligence®️ is necessary so history is not repeating the same problems over and over again, and can finally move forward evolving into the potential afforded by the wonderful design of the human body that has taken a lot of time making and maintaining as such}. In multimedia mode, Narcissus would snap out of his fixed attention at the image in the lake and his senses would pick up on Echo’s other-than-Narcissus identifiers and both Echo and Narcissus would live in love for each other because each mirror the other not just as the loved compliment but as more than just themselves. They could get wrapped in each other to the exclusion of rest of the world and that’s why living in a society (not just in the forest or on the mountain top or on an island all to themselves) is better. A Lott of civilisations have had issues with romantic liaisons (couples in love) because their format of love could have expanded more than just each other and included the love, care and concern of rainbow frequencies afforded by how their own individual body tissues were made (each human body formed from different kinds of care and love received by certainly more than just one person or thing or entity) and hence if their bodies do not complementarily share the loves of the societies each visit, romance goes out the window after marriage. It takes both the male and female dynasties to maintain a marriage and a marriage to keep the male and female dynasties maintaining marriages nonviolently for #humanityacrossboundaries preserving the beauty of a genuine smile and enjoying the Christmas cake with a heart that warms with the care shared.

Narcissus also needs his lake to reflect on himself from time to time so he does not get lost in Echo or the world around him in which he lives. Narcissus and the beauty he so gets enamoured by in the reflection is also Advaita in that the beauty and mystery and fact of his existence is all reflected within the framework of an image in a transparent clear reflective surface in which there is what there is to see both known and unknown, liked and disliked maybe but is there present what is missing by its presence or absence as long as we care enough to reflect upon what ‘I am’ from time to time. Echo needs such reflecting surface {as a sounding board too maybe} so even if she has no voice of her own, she has an image to reflect upon and make something of herself other than the identity afforded only by her voice. Afterall, while human intellect may have formed from images and sounds predominantly, as complementary partners, they need spaces of their own to exercise being themselves so they offer surfaces to better being an evolutionarily wholesomizing upscale {competition} to themselves so they dont stagnate or devolve or die like Narcissus or Echo did in pining for an unobtainium that lacked training or perspective enough by which to have.

I first got introduced with the art of befriending the mirror at Landmark Education’s ILP. Over the years, I met the mirrors as an aid when no other surfaces would provide sufficient depth and insight like my journal would as a written reflector or self-talks would as a sounding board. Many an insight later, the story of Echo and Narcissus offered another perspective not many may have appreciated there is to solve an existential conundrum with.

The following is an exercise one could do that would help be in touch with reality, with oneself as a point of reference to reflect upon from time to time so one bridges any gaps with one’s conscience and at the same time include maybe a little of what one may have excluded inadvertently in the experience of being oneself, alive, happy or just humane.

Get yourself a mirror or two – one for your bathroom and one for somewhere in the vicinity of your workstation or living space. I tend to keep a big one reflecting my bed so I do not miss seeing the bottom of my bed where I tend to keep things, forget them and then the mirror does not want me having a look at the underbed space {or I dont want to look at the mirror reflecting the underbed space} until I dont want to not look at the mirror because of how the underbed space is and so I clean it up! Talk about coercion by ‘dont want to avoid it anymore’ innate implicate order of conscience incited to work my life in to requisite order marketing. Call it a memory palace by implicate order of conscience employed. You will look at the mirror advertently, inadvertently, consciously, unconsciously, subconsciously. Magic will begin to happen as your life begins to move through spaces as you walk around with the umpteen known and unknown thoughts you dont want to reflect upon or have anyone know or bounce off of you but you continue to be a pain in your own bum until you do look at what you are not facing up to. The mirror does that trident’ing so you clean up and sanitise what you see in the mirror.

Happy discoveries!

The middle ground between opposites

Today’s Google doodle is of the Great Gama Pehlwan, Ghulam Muhammad Baksh Butt, whose achievements remain unmatched even today.

He is one of the few greats who have lived ingrained with values from both the hindu as well as muslim philosophies (sun and moon traditions) – two apparently opposing philosophies/worldviews that Yoga is attempting to bring together and keep together for health, wealth and wisdom in the body. It is about who lives such unifying life that determines by demonstration how good the studentship is. Mr.A.R.Rehman who is music director, composer of Oscar Award fame is another such person of yogic caliber who bridge the gap between worlds creating a space where more than a little thought is required to appreciate the kind of beauty they are really achieving through their endeavours.

Yoga is also the middle path achieved through ‘walking’ both the sides of the complementary opposites such that a person is said to be ‘walking the golden middlepath.’

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Jin dan dao in Chinese philosophy refers to the way of the golden elixir, which also refers to jing or the fluid available through the bladder when the body is healthy enough to produce good crap as proof of a good life lived. The golden elixir is another way of being ‘wealthy’ by being ‘piss poor’ {watching one’s essence being golden enough through ennobling ones values by timeless virtues, which is only possible through cleaning one’s essence of contaminants and precipitates of violence within such that plasma becomes golden {piss poor} as the elixir wowering a good life from within}. (PS: Nirbeeja Yoga®️ is about jin mi dan dao, which is the way of making the essential waters clearer so anything that the water touches becomes clearer, including conscience. Sign up on or enrol EarlyBird for

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We have many pathways by which to live life, but people such as Gama Pehlwan, Bruce Lee, A.R.Rehman and Shri Narendra Modi bridge gap across expanse most don’t know exist and hence yoga a space where new emerges healthier by the fact of how they live their life.

The Wheel of Development MI Way

We have, at some point or another, heard of the hamster in the wheel. Sisyphus and his rock up the mountain is another syllogical reference to the same ‘condition’ in the existential concern of being human – a point largely missed in the ‘condition’ being the fact of the action of the hamster or Sisyphus itself; that both are ‘doing’ something ongoingly. A study says ‘Practice for 10000 hours to become a genius.’ The hamster and Sisyphus were doing just that.

Fastforward to another context – this time to the human body and the condition of being ‘human.’ The human body has been studied and is being studied in many ways. Different systems of medicine perceive the human body according to their logic of thinking {perspective based on premise(s)}. Ayurveda from a plant and nature-based alchemical perspective, Allopathy from a tissue-based anatomy and physiological perspective of the body as an organic vehicle, Homeopathy from a biochemical water-based dynamic perspective, et al. Each system has a perspective and findings to offer that another doesn’t because of their vantage but together make available a plethora of information in the condition of being human, but a whole is more than a sum of its parts. A human body remains a challenge as proven by the list of diseases maintained by WHO and the COVID infection that crippled the economy into serious contemplations of what is missing the presence of which would make a difference in the experience of being alive. The last sentence may seem dramatic but those who had to go to the other side of life have large complaints about what was missing and what could have been done better. So, those on this side of life have the opportunity to make reparations for what could not be done earlier, such as guided by the perspectives presented by this author (me!).

For example, consider the serious/comical reference to men’s and women’s brain psychological dispositions ( It takes a simple and complex bout of Connect. to fully appreciate the Work that the Presenter has done but for the purpose of this Article I will take only the ‘everything connected to everything’ bit in reference to women’s brains.

A human body may not have been appreciable well enough before because the woman’s psyche may not have been able to be understood before. There have been movies (‘What a woman wants’ for example), books about figuring out how the female brain really works versus that of males (‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’) and jokes about how a woman’s brain is apparently unfathomable or some such thing. Leave everything else aside, the simple fact of not figuring out how and why a human body works the way it does can be related to why we have predominantly had Hatha Yoga and male or female-dominant societies and yet have had a list of diseases, people having to stand with guns in the borders for security and ecological concerns since some time while we call it all ‘history’ but love Mother Nature and the Virgin Mary and all life comes from the mother and keep yearning for ‘unconditional love’..the human body has the mind of a woman where ‘everything is connected to everything’ and worse ‘everything is everything’ and so a human being is an n-dimensional being.

For a long time, I thought mothers are the most advanced of the human species (‘they have eyes at the back of their heads’ is one of the logics that alludes to this line of thought). I then got to know about Salvator Mundi and correlated that with my experience as a health facilitator in my clinical practice that gave rise to caretake syndrome many times somuchso that I really had to take a closer look at ‘caretakers’ in our societies to see how did they cope with being alive after all the caretaking they were doing. I figured why we have diseases in the communities – the care-taking muscle gets tired and people do not know how to repair the ‘muscle’ somuchso that the ‘heart’ (read, body) closes from what it takes to continue caring for their concerns to the exclusion of pain and discomfort and precipitates of experiences that comes with caring/loving. Callus forms on the skin where too much work has been experienced for a physical labourer. I thought I had a tendency to care so much that I did’nt care. In the course of being a therapist, I figured the human ‘care muscle’ tends to get calloused, like the skin would with repeated friction from exertion, so much that they did not care. Neurologists may have called it ‘synaptic pruning’ but in terms of care-physiology, humans tend to form boundaries or ‘circles of love’ with different amounts of love allotted for each circle in a concentric circle model where each circle has degrees of social distancing according to priorities. Coping mechanisms come into place to deal with the consequences from the inflammation (vedic philosophy calls it ksheera or latex, like the milky exudate that certain plants release at points where the tissue is wounded) that goes untended in activities of daily living somuchso that humans tend to ‘blanket/under-the-carpet’ what they cannot deal with. Some of these have been around so long that they form ‘skeletons in the cupboard’ handed down from generation to generation forming layers upon layers of retraumatizing patterns within the cultural, social, religious, national ethos, and #humanityacrossboundaries remains yearned for.

Nirbeeja Yoga®️ formed from healing the inflammation my tissues were dealing with in between the different activities of daily living I was moving through while managing two professions simultaneously (one being a Sr.QA Specialist in a medical transcription firm and another as a therapist) along with continuous education activities to maintain my different concerns. A bout of uveitis for which I was recommended lifelong maintenance steroids and undiagnosed chikungunya got me practicing my therapeutic skills on myself to be done away with the dependence. Another case of ‘necessity is the mother of all inventions’ that gave rise to my movement-less method of yoga that got christened Nirbeeja Yoga®️.

The following Wheel got invented in the course of figuring out how to care enough about all my concerns, one of which is that the human body formed out of millions of years of evolutionary care by the cosmos and of a gravitas not fathomed by human calculations thus far. The I Ching, for example, informs many of our economic processes and its origin is no longer known. No matter what its origins, MITI World has formulated this Wheel that helps me keep my love in line so I continue to hamster the wheel or sisyphus the rock that is Earth up the worthy mountains. See if it works for you.

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MI at the centre representing ‘me’ is the central experiencer whose life a person lives within the Country of the skin that forms the ‘boundary’ of one’s own body.

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Allow for some ‘me-time’ per day. The teleseries, Sex and the City, has a personal time apartment that the friends use from time to time to wind out and refind themselves from the routine humdrums. It is different from the ‘girls time’ or ‘boys time.’ Find a lil ‘me time’ exclusive in your daily schedule. It would save a lot of doctor’s bills and stresses in family dynamics because you are tightly wound like a spring that just won’t release, and that tenses up people around you, sometimes into tense argument stances for no apparent reason than the fact that you are tense and won’t take your ‘me time.’

#humanityacrossboundaries sometimes just requires you getting everyone else out of your hair so you can unwind and do nothing for a change. The whole world and their grandmothers can wait coz you hold the central pole of the tent in the circus that is your life.

Want more of this? Sign up EarlyBird on and you’l learn a few things you can do to keep your space while caring for what you deem is important while no one else can care enough about presently. Problems solved is a problem you or others dont need to deal with. The Wheel above would help you keep some points of reference so you are not missing out some bottlenecks that could stall people from benefitting from your solution. A lot of the problems people dont know exists anyways; they dont need to as long as they are solved because you care enough. This Wheel will help you keep your social and moral perspectives so you dont shrivel into someone less than who you can be. It also helps grow the ‘creeper’ into a ‘tree,’ being strong the way you need to be from within by the grace of love.

When the water boils..

I read an article recently on the question of whether a piece of writing begins with the title or the title follows the written piece.

I used to think the title came last, like the signature, only written on top, but then found sometimes the content needs a heading to get a tail-blazing (fire in the bum) and sometimes the body finds its head after it is formed, like a knight wears his helmet after the armour is clad close to getting on his horse onward into the future.

The point is this..both the heaven and hell needs boiling out of the water so clean uncontaminated water remains out of the convection and churning of the latex formed from the visceral process that is creating anything of value (virtue). Alchemists perhaps call it ‘including a part of you in the process’ {like Khalil Gibran says ‘it is only when we give of ourselves that we truly give’}. The above reference, of course, is symbolically represented by the Samudra Manthan of Vedic Mythological lore.

The blood boil that waring people, both domestic and intercontinental {where the country within the skin is perhaps not called a ‘continent’ but is a country made of earth, water, fire, air, spirit, space, just as the brick and mortar geographical space that is called a continent is made up of} so count on to maintain violence across boundaries, has perhaps been instrumental in keeping the list of diseases maintained by WHO alive and growing, like a war general would maintain a list of laurels earned over time to remember the ‘good times,’ but is perhaps not counted as one of the laurels but maintained by an economic faction nevertheless because we don’t know to boil water well enough to get the contaminants and intoxicants out of it. We even supplement the drama deficit {awkward lull in interpersonal/international/intercultural drama deficit} with alcohol, drugs, smoke and/or sex to maintain homeostatic viscosity of the blood!

Try South Indian sambar for a change. The viscosity of it is a skill not many have learned to maintain, I found, on a Timelapse survey that is ongoing on the best traditional sambar in the 21st century. Either the hing (asafoetida) or size of vegetables or color of the concoction or viscosity or smell or ..there are umpteen things that go out of balance and un-sambars this gem of a dish that colon cancer specialists are just beginning to realise the benefit of in healing the said dis-ease but which a traditional South Indian family has for breakfast at least thrice a week, if not daily. Sambar with soft idlis and coconut chutney is a thing for a connoisseur of fine living and who knows ‘luxury’ for other than what has percolated through the gaps in history.

Coming back to the water boil, the ShriYantra is said to have the woman on top and man below.

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When heaven is boiled out of heaven and hell out of hell, women get less snarly and buoy up again {Parvati style} in the ShriYantra model, harmonious in domestic homily, and men let out their pompous ‘gas’ in dealing with ‘how to be man enough to gain the respect of women well enough’ syndrome and settle rooted tree-like {Nataraja style} in the ShriYantra model for a stable homily congenial society.

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Gyms, indoor/outdoor games, boxing rinks, or just a sandbag or pushup wall from time to time would do wonders to ease out the tension in muscles from time to time. The tension bunching up in muscles unreleased is what causes a ‘volcano’ somewhere that is drowned in alcohol or drugs or smoke or sex or a shouting match hollering expletives at each other {sometimes in a meeting hall or at their children or aged parents or a wife too tame to holler back} providing ‘material’ for what could be called ‘domestic abuse’ if only the experience of living within the skin could be called a Country whose harmony when gone a bit ‘Kurukshetra’ ends up in legalised or illegalized violence that we have the whole system called ‘economy’ to deal with.

Try some Nirbeeja Yoga®️ now, will you? Lets boil the heaven out of heaven and hell out of hell so both men and women can be humans and occupy respective places within the framework of a single person and so also the familial framework in a ShriYantra format. The ShriYantra is said to have cosmological benefit when even drawn in an agricultural land where its geometry is said to cause the earth, water, fire, air, spirit, space to behave cosmogenically. This theory needs to be tested out in our familial homes but in terms of Meristem Intelligence®️ (MI Enterprise), ShriYantra works within the body as the original family where ‘family’ as a word has visceral existential experiential relevance that requires love to nurture and nature. As it is within, so it is outside (without). We, each, butterfly our worlds into existence by how we breathe (flap our respiratory wings in inspiration and expiration) and cause into existence ‘growths’ by a ‘butterfly effect’ over time. Lets get better!

{FYI: Nirbeeja Yoga®️ helps regularise the dysynchronized circadian rhythms so our breaths are in synchronistic music with each other. Good body music creates good ‘raasa’ dances in interpersonal dynamics for harmonious #humanityacrossboundaries. Sign up on for your first class!}

Turn down the lights

Crows, plants, several natural elements tend to turn it down after sunset. Body dynamics ‘switch modes’ after sunset.

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After sunset, the dark light takes up upper hand in our physiology and before sunset there is more light light…

Turn down the lights to a minimum study table light or candlelight so there is ‘just enough’ light for what needs to be done. ..

This would also better help turn on the ‘fountain of youth’ within our physiology..

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Good things come in also a little care at a time that adds up to significant benefits over time that saves a lot of grief and strife in maintaining a life that is good and kind.