I didn’t poop for 2 days because my commode was blocked (don’t ask me why coz..let’s just say, I was experimenting with something). Being the ethnographic researcher that I am, I used this as an opportunity to study inadvertently the effects of my condition on my constitution and behaviour. The following are some of the observations:

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Two days of no poop and the toxins from the poop in my intestines outdid the amount of Nirbeeja Yoga®️ I was doing to regularly normally maintain my constitution, and I thought I was being more ‘cool, new-age’ zany, which I am still thinking I am going to unearth from my behaviour repertoire without needing alcohol or no-poop episodes, but the insight from this ‘episode’ has been good enough to not not-document…for those interested enough to read what I am working about, of course.

Thank you much for your interest. I will be back with yet another episode of ‘my experiments with truth’ with yet another particular perspective conjured out of my peculiarity characteristic to my quirkiness soon I hope.

There’s always something under the rock..or in that corner where the light doesn’t shine just as well as other spaces..

Update: (14-Feb-2022)

I repeated the experiment again. This time for 3 days.

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So, the poop experiment, more appropriately ‘the neurotoxin observation with the observer conscience augmented by meristematic diet,’ makes me wonder again about the ‘callous’ unecological behavior by people who do not practice Nirbeeja Yoga®️. I think the ‘callousness’ is because of the neurotoxin buildup within their tissues making them want to have their living environments clean because they can’t stand the unclean mostly because they can’t clean their insides and have it be reaction-free. So, they throw and punch and shred stuff like their insides want to of their biochemical precipitates within their body from their not-too-happy/healthy experiences of living, which again may be because of the stuff building up inside them affecting their healthy ‘gut’ flora into ‘gremlins or gnomes or corona’ that tempt them into unhealthy/risky behaviours.

Moral of the story? God and Devil are inside and are in the details.

Update Update (16-Feb-2022)

I unclogged the commode and my bowel after observing what needed to be..for now.

I have a better understanding of why people would rather live unawares or in partial wakefulness or in ‘ignorance is bliss’ – I was thinking poop and ‘let go of things/get all that crap out’ and ‘clearance sale’ (before the unclogging) and now I am thinking ‘everything is full of crap’ and/or ‘they are all full of crap’ ‘they even smell like it’ (as my brain fog abates after my insides are unclogged of the biological waste from my precipitates of everyday living). ‘Clean’ {see image below} seems to be in priority now in making the world a better place to live in. I, again, feel like a janitor!..I elevate it to ‘mommytude’ coz they are the crap-cleaners and pick-up-after-you’s who never gets seen and are complained about when they don’t clean and sanitise..and are not even paid for it in sufficient ‘thank you’s or monetarily. A lot of them can’t go to ‘official work’ because they are picking and cleaning the house inmates’ whatnots ..with love..and expected to be ‘satisfied’ with what they get in return. Who needs hell after that? ..the one who is complaining and reacting and losing it like the human they aren’t all the time, of course.

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I, again, think mommys are the the most evolved of the human species, including the fact that they are said to have ‘eyes at the back of their head.’ It is not until we create something, viscerally ‘birthing’ the product of concept’ion out into the world and feeling like your heart is walking outside of you that you need to protect with all your might that you begin to even have an inkling of what it means to be a ‘mother.’

Back to the poopitude, I am now reacting to all the ‘dark’ uncleaned stuff that is in the air from the ‘unknown’ or ‘subconscious/unconscious’ side of people’s psyche that I definitely need to teach Nirbeeja Yoga®️ to clean so I can have a ‘pleasanter’ experience of living, but I am ‘hole’ing into this ‘Subscriber View’ to put out this thought-content, just like my insides are accumulating biological precipitates that I contemplate upon from the insides to ‘poop’ out into another post as product of contemplation.

People are said to be letting out their ‘garbage’ every time they open their mouth, anyways. What kind of ‘garbage’ depends on what went inside and how it is processed before it comes out through the mouth or anus. Accordingly, is the ‘medicine’ for earth..or ‘poison’ like the halahala let out by the great Serpent who churned the Ocean of Conscience in the Samudra Manthan of mythological reference.

I am just putting out products as ‘best out of waste’ from all the ‘food’ (as thought, edibles, experiences, emotions, choices) that goes into my bodily composition and making products out of it that I stock in the 10 Brains/Planets/Stars/Universes that dot MI World and make it MITI World as an Enterprise that makes BayBes out of immaculate love during everyday moments of normal ordinary living. This is what it means to be human and is called as sanatana dharma by vedists who conceptualised the idea in oh! so elaborate forms that we made gods out of the symbolisation! We still need Nirbeeja Yoga®️ to uncloud/declog our senses/intellect well enough to understand their symbolisation and come home to what it simply means to be human, as stated above.

Update (3) (23-Feb-2022)

This may seem like an anti-thesis to the above, but I discovered yesterday that I was indeed being poisoned by copper sulphate from the copper tumbler I had put into the earthen pot to make my drinking water more alkaline, only the recommended was for 6 hours and I didn’t take the tumbler out for about a month. Thankfully or not, I have been drinking water not as frequently as most people would be recommended {I would go for days drinking coteacocoa or curries or fruits or vegetables than drink water out of the pot but then I did get to upgrade my water intake since beginning of this month a little, maybe to about 2-3 glasses from the pot and then not drink water for about 2-3 days after that with a sip from another earthen ‘settling’ jar, which maybe all the Nirbeeja Yoga®️ I was doing awakened another ‘safety’ zone in my brain and which had me ‘settle’ my water from the pot in before I drank from it}. Nevertheless, the no-poop observations happened with or without layering from the copper sulphate poisoning. I am gonna miss my ‘new age’y edge..or maybe i have sufficient of it without the poisoning to decrust me into a new ‘me’ this season of reinventing myself.

I leave it to the Reader to let me know through the comments maybe on which do you think was my neurotoxin-affected constitution. It’s been an overall phenomenal discovery-observation-invention phase, another of the oh! so many believe-it-or-not episodes in my life that happen to now get documented for your kind appreciation.

How does a person (mua) get to be such kind of a whacko is a story that’s part of MI #MyStoryProject. History-movers take a certain mettle to develop and MI kind may have taken some lifetimes, but then my website,, is proof enough for that!..that is if you have sense and sensibilities well enough to see that. I need to reset and remind my memory on what I do today and how I got here at least 3 times a day so I can calibrate my further course of action based on that blink! {According to a neuroscience video, the brain reorients every time a person blinks, so we might as well learn to live in the present moment because the brain anyway reorients every time we blink!}