This is our Wall-e mart (as in e=mc2 rate of change for periodically climbing the stairwell into ‘goating’ the worthy mountains into becoming entrepreneurial humane beings that we call e-commerce}.

Remember, Wall-E from the movie Wall-E? Well, Wall-E found the plant by which Earth, in the movie, was again habitable. Along the way was also found many things on how to continue to have plants on Earth so the living-in-the-bubble thing doesn’t have to happen again. Sorting through the trash, several 0technology ideas were discovered and then invented some to better the existing available.

Wall-E’s shack became MITI House over time.

We have our different windows and fences around MITI House from where people take a peek into what’s happening on the inside, maybe even sample a few things across the boundaries, but the real goodies are regularly getting stocked on the inside shelves, not noticeable from the outside. MITI House, of course, gets its stuff created inside MI House – the bodyhome I have where I live in with my Partner maintaining world peace by keeping it together!

Twiddling with an idea or two, we have come up with the following Plan to ensure our discoveries-inventions are sufficiently utilised in supporting committed people becoming sustainably humanely healthier, wealthier, wiser.

A Subscription fee of Rs.1501/- per month that makes the following benefits available behind the paywall. The benefits remain geared towards making premium healthcare, wealth and wisdom available at affordable price but the benefits could change depending on the internal value-unit distribution per organisational dynamic requirements (Meristem Intelligence®️ has an interrelated basketweave of Trademarks, and the values within these Trademarks could change depending on the conscience that guides the philosophy informing this Enterprise). Any change in benefits would be duly intimated.


  • Unlimited chat discussions via WhatsApp with the proprietor of Meristem Intelligence®️ and facilitator of Nirbeeja Yoga®️ as per readiness of studentship. Outside Subscription, these discussions would cost Rs.1501/- per hour.
  • 2 sessions of Nirbeeja Yoga®️ personal sessions online or offline at 50% discount per month, where online per hour outside Subscription costs Rs.1501/- and offline costs Rs.2001/-. The sessions cannot be carried forward to next month.
  • Upto 75% discount on all-in-one Meristem Intelligence®️ Therapy session (1 per month) priced at Rs.6501/- per session outside Subscription. Discount is dependent on quality of participation during the month Subscribed and as per the discretion of the facilitator.
  • Premium industry-first content delivered via email in maintaining health, wealth and wisdom organically nonviolently using normal ordinary living tools in a way that is ecologically sustainable and pocket-friendly.
  • ..and other benefits.

Benefits could change as per internal redistribution of units at the discretion of the proprietor.

The longer a person is Subscribed to MI World and our Products, compounded are the interests, which over time becomes a valuable heirloom to future generations a.k.a. el dorado in Almighty.Inc.