LoveBytes on verse-mode

I am in different stages of voicing Mookambika raaga, or colors of the SoundsOfSilence as a flavour to wower our aesthetics that I often find lacks taste as well as it could have. Why else would people want to run out of love after marriage or find it difficult to be in a humane domestic familial home when the pandemic so conveniently afforded to enjoy a stay/work-from-home but saw rise in Corona-based death rates somuchso that prolonged lockdowns did not see better results and had to resort to injection to combat an infection that only took a soap-wash and commonsense-based safety measure? Clearly, people couldn’t handle love..or what it took to continue to care for oneself and others beyond a certain attention span. Sitting, standing, walking and lying around in different positions contemplating over this and that, I figured some perspectives were missing and that included my perspective as Earth’s daughter supported to come into existence as the spokesperson for Life on Earth and Life as Earth. I have Te Kaa {of Moana fame} and Te Fiti as points of reference to speak of HerStory that complements at several points HisStory by which to understand but most importantly speak of verses that He and She have been saying/unable to say/misinterpreted/misunderstood or just couldn’t be seen for what it is across the expanse of time and space, and so I attempt to compose ‘BrahmaSutra-type SoundsOfLife/Nothing’ in Mookaambika raaga to awaken to Life that which is missing in commonsense the presence of which would have Love be the missing ingredient in our everyday ‘dishes’ that we hand around; money gets sanitized.

Here’s a few lyrics attempted. I am in different stages of getting the lyricist in me good enough to arrange versus in sing’able format but a ‘kalaripayattu’ of this kind requires regular footwork to tatami the road good enough to trailer home it as a way of living.

The idea is to MIsic it {as in, ‘mu’sic to remind me of ‘Mi’, as in rice discerned from chaff} so I don’t lose me in the milling crowds, and lose my footing on Earth by which to walk the journey of Life, else I would be a dancer {waltz’er} with desynchronised footing.

Here’s one..

The rhythm of weather,
The movements (?) of fauna,
The flavours of flora,
The beat of time,
Wellth is known
To the one
Who knows these.

Another one..this one is also a message to my beloved who keeps wondering why I keep going out of sync and so am inconstant! Whodathunk learning to trapeze takes so much circus?!

Colored, woven with the threads
Of everyday relatives
My face is veiled
Like the Moon behind clouds
And you can’t see
I am home, I am home.
I am house coming home.
House hasn’t been cleaned in a while
Let me wash my face after
So you see me and recognise me
Behind the veils

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