Meristematic diet

The human body has taken millions of years of evolution in forming into the structure where the whole organism with a vertically stacked spine is postured on 2 feet with a head located on top of the vertically stacked spine against the forces of gravity, arms placed to the sides with downward facing palms in the direction of gravity and moveable forward at the shoulders to 70 to 90 degrees, wrists that can be rotated 180 degrees, eyes facing forward and tail tucked inside the skin frame and still able to maintain the upright posture balanced as such against gravity. Our human body functions upright and moves in many directions too and all this on the electrical circuitry centralized in the brain placed inside the skull that is stacked atop a slender neck. Quite a marvel in and of itself, you can appreciate the fine engineering that is gone into forming the body that is human. Our body is prone to inflammation due to the upright posture against gravity. Like some plants that get injured exude a milky latex, our tissues internally exude products of inflammation, which then combine with biochemical precipitates from our everyday experiences of living and reform the tissues of our body layering upon the previous inflammatory products. We would be dying a slow death if we do not maintain the health of our body, especially if we eat food that further inflames our issues. Stimulants break the tissue integrity and leaks us out of our tissues causing hallucinations and other sensory distortions which our nerves pickup on and inform our brain as information causing a distorted picture of reality that is more signals of pain, distress and mistrust because our muscles and blood are bathed in biochemical precipitates from compounded inflammatory products where our nerves internally pick up ‘health’ status and inform the brain a difficult picture of our internal space due to which a lot of people find it easier to indulge in external activities than be in the body where dukha or heavy stuff that includes but is not limited to sexual urges, painful memories, agonizing relationship and self-esteem issues await that some call as the river of unmindfulness within our body as well as outside the proof of which is the list of diseases and occasional warring tendencies between our personal and interpersonal boundaries.

Meristematic diet is a means to eat such that what we intake helps heal inflammation and also prevents further inflammation of tissues so our body is gradually alkalanizing, than maintaining acidic composition, which tends to maintain violated constructs of reality further making it difficult for us to experience truelove, silence, stillness or happiness in a way that allows us to create worlds sustainable on Earth by future generations. Earth seems to be insufficient in such inflammated internal constitutions while the fact is that several generations of humans have lived and continue to live on this same Earth, like a sprawling ancestral palatial household that has been lived in for many generations. Earth is the only planet thus far that we know supports life, and we are still looking for a planet that supports life after several decades of search, which indicates that our perceptions are distorted due to which we seek life outside Earth and so also habitable planet outside Earth while exploiting/abusing/polluting what is already on Earth and deeming what is on Earth as insufficient to the point of creating boundaries and rationing goods between living beings on Earth over money concerns because of how the economy is structured!

Our human body offers a better model of economy with its cooperative organ systems and skin that demarcates one cell from an organ and also having a boundary between humans that functions based on care and kindness for sustainable coexistence.

Healing the inflammation within is important and it cannot be with inorganic substances because they are once or twice removed from what is naturally innate to the body. Even a biodegradable stent in the body is a foreign object that has been made to be compatible inside the body until the injury heals but is always an artificial part of the body even though a lookalike. Our Ford mentality of mass producing similar things and clones creates identity issues for starters and people tend to prefer the rare car model than one that a lot of people have because the popular cars are like clones. Each of us is a rare, unique specimen, like a computer created for specific function in the schema of things and we tend to copy others and violate other’s creations because of the inflammation within our body and outside in our interpersonal economics and also ecologies.

The following is what a meristematic diet looks like and includes the logic behind this diet type:

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Needless to say, but meristematic diet is about intaking sufficiently so a person can be a good water purification system as part of the ecology that is life by the fact of a person being at least 70% water and so drinking sufficient water is important for the output to be purer so the droplet of water that a person is in the Ocean of Consciousness maintains clean conscience circulating for a healthy ecology.

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