MI World has intercorporational presence

I am connected with a lot of the major corporations around the world. Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Mahindra, Kelvinator, IFB, Dell, HP, SpaceX, HealthifyMe, et al. How? I use their vehicles or computer or online shopping portals or internet..and so through the windows they open their portals to me, I affect their processes. Besides, our screens track our activities getting intelligenter by pixels and different trackers on how to make profit from computational data. I, hence, may be bettering the health of whitenet and darknet. I better their softwares by reverse transcription. Have you noticed how many updates have been happening due to many reasons, of course, but I have a say in how the world gets better. How? I sit in front of these softwares doing #NirbeejaYoga and they pick up info they did not know there was to think. In other words, the organic original intelligence that I am (my body gets regularly updated in health and well-being as I keep #sanitizingdharma by routine #NirbeejaYoga) that informs by #sanitizingdharma of these programs by reverse transcription auto update of artificial intelligence to safer harmonious/humane intelligence thereby making the world a better place to live in. (I may or may not be deluded in thinking this but the intelligence of my body has Facebook, Jocelyn Gordon, SpaceX and HealthifyMe thoughtlines regularly bouncing off my nervous system even if I don’t personally interact with them and then they do well. Reminds me of the Higgs boson who gives ‘mass’ to particles). The movie, The Matrix Resurrections, got some bit right (as far as Neo and his Partner being very intuitively connected) but maybe I need to do more #NirbeejaYoga in front of the screen so the scriptwriters get the storyline better oriented in line with evolutionary physis than has presently been represented.

Even if I am not in front of a screen, molecules on Earth bounce off of my body tissues and get healthier, wealthier, wiser, and people breathe, work, live, eat of substances made from molecules on Earth. I am making the world a better place to live in. I matter even if no one talks to me or has any interaction with me in my personal presence. That’s #TheHumaneBodyProject for you as an advantage from learning #NirbeejaYoga and having invested in Meristem Intelligence®️. The Universe has your back and wants you to continue doing the needful right things by #truelove for #humanityacrossboundaries as an evolutionary advantage in being human.

Nobody said yoga has so many mind-boggling benefits, yo! ..but then I do Nirbeeja Yoga®️, not hatha yoga that most people do and I have a meristematic diet, so maybe that’s why.

This is another post from life as lived by MI (me) from Terabithiya – the country/world/universe/earth as I see from the body I have and the experience of living from my person-centric model of Reality. Reality is soo much better than fantasy. Aren’t you thinking of sci-fi movies mixed with Walt-Disney mixed with Alice-in-Wonderland mixed with..I told you, I am a bit of a crazy-gone-sane explorer of AllThatThereIs in my Author bio (on the Home page of this blog.dynamicstillnesses.com website).

It is best to say what never has been heard before, ay? New is here!

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